It’s all about the detail…

The other day I brought my car in for brakes, rotors and a safety inspection.


Something about a left sway bar link kitten and a bushy thing shaped like a donut that’s partially separated from its important cylinder thing with a bolt in the middle that if completely separated would go BOOM!  Or something like that.  (Admittedly, I’m not positive he said “kitten” and for the record… I’m of the opinion that being “completely separated” is a far cry better than “partially separated”.)

Scott, the service guy at O’Regan’s, drew pictures for me.  I’m assuming he thought it would be better than a verbal explanation or because it was morning and he was craving a donut.  In the end… it meant diddly crap to me… I know NOTHING about cars!

So… it was in for the day the other day to have the brakes done (not at my regular garage ’cause there was a sale somewhere else and it seems my loyalty is to my wallet first and foremost) and now it’s in for the day to have some warranty work done.  I’m assuming the sway bar and bushy thingamajiggies will be covered under my warranty but regardless there’s still deductibles I have to pay so I’m not in a very good mood at all.

On a happy note… yesterday I had the car detailed so it smells pretty and my tires are really shiny even though they charged me an extra thirty bucks for the dog hair and oh yeah… I had to leave it for the day!

At this very moment I wish I was my car getting all of this attention and care.  I could do with a brow wax, a pedicure, a facial and a whack of other work as things are creaking and wobbling and something or other is starting to partially separate from my donut thing so much so that one of these days the whole thing is just gonna go BOOM!

I’d draw you a picture but I’m grabbing a shower while I wait for the garage to call..  I might be falling apart and in need of a bit of work… but at least I’ll smell pretty!

Drop into the Shine Factory in Halifax if you need your car cleaned… expect to pay a little extra if you drag your dog around everywhere like I do!  Drop by O’Regan’s if your car needs a bit of work… Scott even draws pictures!  Call Mudwraps to Manicures if you need a bit of work on yourself… I’m thinking about dropping myself off for an entire day!


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  1. Just spent a morning at Mudwraps yesterday. Love that place and love Lisa !!!!!