Everyone has a story…

There was an Oprah episode many years back where audience members were randomly selected, a crew followed them around for a few days and “their story” was told.  The idea… everyone has a story… we all want to be heard… we all have things we can teach each other.  It’s what first inspired me to write.

Olivia Mason has a story.  Just this past February, on a two week holiday… a week on the slopes, then a week of sun in Puerto Rico… Olivia’s story began.  What started as a back ache, easily passed off as a skiing injury, became worse during the second week as the Mason family found themselves in a foreign country… unsure what to do.  Thankfully it wasn’t until the final day of their vacation… on the way home through the airport… that the family faced the terrifying realization that something was seriously wrong as Olivia could barely put one foot in front of the other.  An immediate visit to the IWK Health Center in Halifax revealed their worst fears… eleven year old Olivia had a tumour wrapped around her spine… Leukemia.

I sat in front of Crazy’s husband as he told me the story of his friend’s daughter… his friend still reeling from the loss of his brother to cancer just two month before.  This family had seen their share of struggles and were suddenly facing more.  Through the last few months I’ve asked about this courageous young girl and her family… saying a prayer for her comfort and another for her parents as I can’t begin to know the fear they’ve faced.

Last evening, my friend Claudia… a wonderful woman who has faced her own challenges as she just recently lost her husband to Brain Cancer… posted a video to Facebook of her niece and her courageous battle with Leukemia.  It was at that moment that I realized the connection and as I happened once again to be sitting across from Crazy’s husband, asked if this was the same young girl he’d been telling me about this last few months… it was.

Olivia’s story… her family’s story… is one of great courage.  It’s about facing challenges with a brave face and a beautiful smile.  Facing adversity… surrounded by love.  I’m moved by this family’s journey.

Everyone has a story… this one’s Olivia’s…

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  1. I will keep this young girl in my thoughts and prayers and be forever reminded of how grateful I am for my own children. …..kim