Presently I’m sitting on a bag of frozen peas nursing a hip that’s slowly getting better but thankfully no longer dragging me down.

Spiderman and I hit the courts today but not before purchasing a new set of balls and a teal blue racket just for me.  It’d been years since I’d chased a tennis ball around the court and as I drove to the adventure…I was unsure how it would turn out.

Luckily for me, Spiderman was busy sticking his nose down the newly popped container of furry yellow balls… breathing in the delightful smell and echoing his name into the container…oblivious to the fact his mother is useless at sports but trying my best all the same. It was my hope he didn’t have great expectations as one silly boy and one gimp mom does not a rousing round of tennis make!

Turns out I wasn’t as bad as I thought I’d be… ok…I was. Regardless, we had an absolutely enjoyable time with both of us laughing at my lack of coordination, Spiderman aiming for the Ice Cap I’d placed on the ground and every now and then yelling an encouraging “that was actually a good one Mom!” Balls repeatedly went over the fence and each time Spidey headed into the woods, he came back with more than he’d gone in to retrieve and a grin on his face a mile wide. On top of that…he found a really creepy, half eaten, ears chewed off Shrek figurine that chances are, will join us on our tennis adventures from this point forward.

My kids don’t care that I hate the way I look in a bathing suit, have limited coordination for dancing, never played a sport in my life, can’t ride a bike and have a seriously gimp hip… they just want me to join in the adventure… have a little fun…laugh. Even if…at the end of the day…I feel like a chewed up, worn out, tossed aside Shrek doll. With a bag of frozen peas on my ass!