The curtains are closed…

I really don’t like it when I’m excluded from a party and last night proved it!

Upon arriving at Durty Nelly’s I immediately heard the amazing and talented voices of Paul Lamb and Cory Tetford coming from the back of the pub!  “what are they doing here?” was my first thought followed by “this is a nice treat!”

I made my way through the crowd of regulars… drawn to the music coming from the rear of my favorite watering hole… and that’s when I saw it! A set of curtains had been erected across the back of the room so you could HEAR the boys… but you weren’t actually allowed to SEE them or INTERACT with them!

Call me crazy but when Paul and Cory are belting out the lyrics of some of my favorite tunes I rather enjoy the expressions on their faces and being a part of the audience.  Unfortunately, for the crowd of folks on the wrong side of the fabric, the boys were entertaining a “private party” where the curtains were obviously intended to keep the Riff Raff out!

And apparently I’m Riff Raff!!!

We contemplated sneaking in!  It’s not like there was a steel door with a ginormous bouncer sliding a window across from the other side, allowing his beady little eyes to peer through the opening once you rapped out the secret knock… it was a set of flimsy curtains for goodness sake!  We faced a few moments of insanity as one after another of our favorite tunes were played and we discussed the repercussions of crashing the mysterious event!  Seriously, if we just went in, sat at a table, ordered a drink and started singing and dancing… what could they do?

I’m all about exclusive events as long as I’m invited but a private party at a public place where two of Halifax’s awesome musicians are hidden behind a curtain so you could hear them but not see them is… well… it was akin to torture that’s what it was!!  The uninvited were left to wonder… were we allowed to sing?  Could we sway to the music?  Was it wrong that our hands were touching each other’s hands during the singing of “Sweet Caroline” and hell, when Cory yelled “SOCIABLE” to the invited party guests behind the magic curtain were the uninvited not to raise our glasses and drink to our good health as well?

It was all too confusing and odd to be left out but worse than that… when the curtains were finally opened and the gig was over, Paul and Cory packed up their gear and left the pub without so much as a “Howdoyoudo” as they passed my table proving without a shadow of a doubt that yes… I truly am Riff Raff!


I’ll show you Mr. Lamb… next week when I come to see you at your regular haunt with my gaggle of friends out for a night of rebel rousing and joyous singing… I’m wrapping myself in a curtain and you’ll be able to HEAR me singing and laughing along with you but you won’t be able to SEE me and you most certainly won’t be able to INTERACT with me.

That’s right!  For you… the curtains are officially closed!

Two can play this game!

One Reply to “The curtains are closed…”

  1. Very funny just imagining the environment where you were. I grew up in St.John's and was best friends with Paul's sister as well as listening to Paul play some tunes in a gathering of friends or in his home studio. I also attended a christian camp with Cory and knew him in my teens. I went to a local place to tune in to Paul recently and due to the crowd I didn't get to chat with him. I left disappointed by not getting to greet him but fully enjoyed the listening experience! Keep writing, I am a big FAN of your blogs!!