Knot long of a wait…

But for the simple fact that I got stuck in a knotted hospital gown this morning… my visit to the Cobequid Community Health Centre went surprisingly well.

I’d not been to Cobequid for x-rays before so I was unsure how long the wait time would be with the exception that folks claim it’s “faster than the QEII.”

I packed a few magazines, a book and my blackberry…drove through Tim Horton’s to grab a tea (not realizing there’s a Tim’s in the lobby of the hospital) and headed into the parking lot for what I assumed would be a long wait…albeit shorter than going to a different hospital.

However, I was in and out…through regular registration, through x-ray registration, dressed in hospital gowns, x-ray’d in two different machines, undressed and back in the parking lot in no time!

It drove me nuts! I didn’t so much as have a moment to sit, relax and open a magazine let alone drink my tea before I was out in the car again and heading for home!!!

I managed to send a quick email to my friend Shawn Brady to apologize for bailing on him last evening. Shawn was in town with his band Elevation but just before he went on stage, I received a message from Spider-Man that he wanted to sleep at home rather than with his friends at a sleepover…this Momma had to go!  I wrote the email but didn’t have time to proof read and spell check before being called in for x-ray so I’m not entirely sure what I said to him!

In all…it took thirty five minutes…five of them where I found myself in the dressing room trying to unknot a knot inconveniently located between my shoulder blades and wishing a butter knife would suddenly appear as it did for Little-One at The Bicycle Thief a few nights before. But no, I had to somehow wrangle myself out of the straight jacket and in the process accidentally opened the dressing room door leaving me fully naked in the change area as not only was I not wearing pants for my hip x-ray…but I wasn’t wearing a shirt for my chest x-ray! Thankfully, there was no one in the vicinity to see me!

Now…to wait for the results.  I have a feeling it will take a little longer than thirty five minutes!

2 Replies to “Knot long of a wait…”

  1. Lucky you….I took my daughter there once and we were there for almost 5 hrs! …kim

  2. @kim… I admit I was there in the Emerg department once for quite a few hours… and I'm told bloodwork lineups are long as well… but for x-ray, yesterday, it was amazing!