Nurse mom…

Being a nurse is the one “mom trait” I’m not all that good at!

My mom was one… gave it up the day before my first birthday in order to be a stay-at-home mom.  She knew when to ice and when to heat.  She could make a butterfly bandage, cool a fever and pull out a splinter.

My mom made the best chicken noodle soup… right out of the can… served with and handful of unsalted Premium Plus crackers and bucket full of love.

Raising three children, she dealt with mumps, measles, chicken pox, pneumonia and scarlet fever.  She saw us through five surgeries, multiple stitches, a few broken bones and a terrifying incident of nails being accidentally swallowed!

Me… I pale in comparison and the second nursing is required I phone the only nurse I know who… although she didn’t practice for very long… still knows all the tricks.  On the one and only episode of chicken pox I ever had to deal with… I handed The Tall Blond over to my parents and left town!  And… if memory serves me right… I was away when Spiderman had to be rushed to the hospital with an eye issue many years back.

The Tall Blond is in a ton of misery.  An issue with her contacts… corneal abrasions… a reaction to the antibiotic eye drops and an emergency visit to the hospital’s eye clinic.  She hurts and they’re doing their best to keep ahead of the pain and get her eyes… which typically heal in twenty four hours… to heal.

We’re on day four.

Whatever’s going on isn’t “typical”.

Maybe I wouldn’t feel so useless if I wasn’t her mom, her pain didn’t sear though me, it wasn’t her eyes and I wasn’t so scared.

We’ve an appointment with the specialist in another few hours… in the meantime… I think I’ll call my mom.