Blind as a bat…

I’m in a bat cave!

On Monday, we shut out the lights, closed the curtains and began our week of darkness!  It seems The Tall Blond hurt her eyes in an industrial accident…minus the industrial accident.

The corneas on both eyes are burnt…as if she’s been working as a welder part time without wearing a protective mask, has a mad obsession with staring at the eclipsing sun and frequently holds her eyes open in tanning booths.

I squirm each time I think of every cell “sloughing” off her eyes…exposing the nerves on her corneas and causing her to be overly sensitive to light, unable to see or open her eyes and in extreme agony.

It’s been a long week.

When I wasn’t putting gel tears or antibiotics in her eyes, feeding her Tylenol 3 like they were candy, running to bring her a bucket “just in case,” tip toeing around the house so as not to wake her, making food, bringing drinks and closing blinds…I was heading to the drug store where they’d clap and cheer as I walked through the doors…knowing I wouldn’t walk out without dropping a C-note…mostly on account of the great amount of chocolate that was required to keep me from panicking.

She can’t see a thing.

“Is the dog around here?” she asked as her hand searched all around for our pup while I stood watching from across the room…pup at my feet! She called me screaming from a corner…tired, disoriented and not knowing where she was.

She patted around her plate for a muffin…that I’d already eaten!

It was a week of trying to keep things calm and trying to keep her entertained when she was awake. But, she’s turned a corner!

We visited Dr. Seamone today and he let me look through the microscope and into her eyes to show me how all the bad cells are now gone…and new ones are rebuilding.  Another day or four and we’re out of the woods!  After that…a few weeks until she’s totally better and I can open the curtains again!

So we can fly the heck out of this bat cave.