Big Day…

Yayyyy!!!  I’m officially part of Big Day Downtown – Try Something New!

I admit… up until this week I didn’t really know about the program, however, as one after the next of my favorite local bloggers were commenting on how they were getting geared up for their Big Day Downtown… I checked into it.  It seems 30 bloggers are given a hundred bucks from the Downtown Halifax Business Commission to spend anyway they see fit in Downtown Halifax… the only thing they ask is that you try something new! 

I tweeted that I’d like to be involved next year… they checked out my blog… and invited me to join!!!

Yayyyyy!  I got a hundred bucks to spend downtown!!!!!

Now the hard part… what the heck am I going to do? 

Let’s see… I could haunt my favorite spots like Durty Nelly’s, Lower Deck, The Carleton, Bitter End or Economy Shoe Shop… crap… been there, done that… sorry guys, I gotta try something new.  OK… I could head to my favorite decorating shops like Attica, Thornblooms, Odjects, MHome and Bellissimo!  Dammit… no I can’t.  Biscuit, Sweet Janes, Mills, the market… shit!!!   Alright, alright… I’ll go to The Bicycle Thief.  Ahhhhhh….!!!!

Something new…

What the heck haven’t I done downtown that I can try new besides go to church!  There’s a few restaurants I’ve wanted to try so that’s an option.  Also… I haven’t checked out the new Nova Scotia Power site yet… OMG I could pay my power bill!!!!  I’ve never been to the Casino… I could double my money!  Triple!  Quadruple!!!!  Hey… then I could REALLY pay my power bill!    

The choices are endless! 

Stay tuned… and let me know if you have any ideas for my Big Day Downtown!  In the meantime, check out what the “Feisty Chef” did on her Big Day Downtown (actually… check out the HOT waiter in the Middle Spoon!  I may just have to add that to the list!!)

Follow the various adventures on Facebook or Twitter (@DowntownHalifax #BigDayDowntown).  Get out there and explore our amazing city.  Try Something New!


2 Replies to “Big Day…”

  1. Very cool! I asked to be a part, too, and the $100 visa card is burning a hole in my pocket. I think you should do the church thing and put the $100 in the collection basket, then wander around window shopping all day. I, meanwhile, will be enjoying good food, drinks and prezzies for myself. Sound fair?

  2. The collection basket… you're so smart!! However, think I'll join you in good food, drink and prezzies too! How many tequillas can you get with a hundred bucks!