Morris East…

Photo Credit – Shelagh Duffett (Flickr.nsca)

Last night was another enjoyable night of fabulous food, tasty cocktails and a half dozen girlfriends solving the problems of the world.

Little-One, Dish, Pepper and Paint (from the fabulous Pepper+Paint blog), Amy and Cora-Lee sat around the table at Morris East enjoying our cocktails with the restaurant’s lovely owner, Jennie Dobbs. Originally from Bedford, Jennie pursued a career that took her abroad but it wasn’t long before she was looking to come home.  Four years ago, Jennie realized her dream and opened the intimate, wood-fired, gourmet pizza restaurant in the South End.  Its success has her looking further into the future!

Located on the corner of Morris and Barrington, the restaurant was a pleasant surprise from the moment I stepped through the doors.  Though small, it was alive with character!  Several people were enjoying dinner and drinks in the intimate, relaxed setting while the art on the exposed brick walls added to the vibrant feel in the room.  I was immediately comfortable and content in my environment, taking a moment to meet the lovely couple from New York sitting next to us… visiting Halifax on their honeymoon and stopping in for the tasty pizza after reading the reviews on Yelp.

We started with a number of appetizers… each one a treat… then ordered various pizzas from the deliciously described menu. While I found it hard to choose, Amber, our attentive server, gave me the run down of her favourites and I wasn’t disappointed with my choice of prosciutto, blue cheese and fresh arugula!  To complete the meal, I went with Amber’s suggestion of the “salted caramel tart” that was simply to die for!  I’ll definitely be back for more!

Fabulous food, tasty cocktails and amazing friends… nights like this leave you believing you can take on the world!  

One pizza at a time.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that you are using one of my pics…. Morris East on Flickr. nsca
    Morris East is a great place.