Just yesterday I turned 13.

My girlfriends came for supper and we gathered around the dining room table for cake and presents.  My parents gave me lilac coloured painter pants, a pair of pink skinny jeans and a t-shirt with a paint can spilling pink and purple paint.  I wore a hair comb wrapped with a lilac ribbon… the ends of the satin trailing into my short bobbed hair.

Just yesterday, Spiderman turned 13.

We gathered with friends and family around the kitchen table for cake and presents.  He happily opened Hollister gift certificates and golf shirt, spending money, movie money and a pair of Diesel shoes. He wore his pants low… the plaid of his new boxers showing above his waistband.

Just yesterday I brought him home from the hospital bundled in his yellow velvet sleeper, navy blue snuggie and Bunnykins hat… gifts from family and friends. He outgrew his new clothes quickly… and he will again.  Just this year he grew four inches, two shoe sizes and his chest and shoulders are expanding before my eyes.

Time is flying and there’s nothing I can do to slow things down.  Just yesterday, I turned thirteen.

Over the last year I’ve written a number of posts about Spiderman including how he got his nickname, and a blog he wrote about himself on his 12th birthday.  I’m proud of my kids… proud of how they’re turning out… proud to be their mom.  I just wish I could slow things down.