Orange you happy…

Bones and Spiderman are home!

It’s been a chaotic two weeks… The Tall Blond losing her eyesight during the first one… and coming down with a nasty sore throat for the second!  It’s probably a good thing “the littles” have been off with their father on various adventures.

While acting as nurse, I managed to purge the house and redecorate Spiderman’s room.  The look on his face when he walked into it today was priceless!  Tomorrow is his 13th… so with the help from Lisa at Dulux Paints, I picked out colours to take him from drab to fab! While The Tall Blond slept through her healing, I painted his desk, dresser and spool bed a chocolate brown, his ceiling taupe and his walls a fabulous orange.  It looks AWESOME!  Throw in a new chair, bedside table and lamp… and it’s really fantastic if I do say so myself… certainly the perfect gift for my teenaged boy!

Tomorrow, I hope to pick up the final piece… a mirror made from his very first bicycle tire that he wore out from all of the skidding and braking he did.  I’ve been saving it for ten years with the intention of someday turning it into a mirror… and now’s the perfect time.

Bones was pretty happy with her room as well… cleaned to perfection with sweet new shelving for all of her American Girl clothes, her horses arranged, her closet organized and a new frame containing all of her camp pictures hung for her to enjoy.

It’s been a long two weeks but besides the doctors appointments, much was accomplished!  My office is just about finished… The Tall Blond has her stuff ready to head to university and the house has been purged from top to bottom.

Tonight it’s absolutely perfect… three kids under the same roof… in a clean house… with a happy mom!