So far so good…

So far so good!

I’ve had a tour of the campus, met the instructors, returned books I didn’t need, took a shuttle both to and from the parking lot and checked out the “living wall” in the Trades and Technology building.

My computer is loaded and ready for the start of classes tomorrow and things are about to get a little silly. I have NO SWEET CUE how to use any of the software suite…. or how to draw… and I’m beginning to question my creative abilities let alone my ability to juggle two kids at home, one at university, a dog, a house, monthly commitments, upcoming hockey tryouts and three days a week at the barn!

The days of pyjamas and bon bons are over my friends.

On a good note… I found myself in PCPC at Dalhousie today to pick up Creative Suite and saw the most handsome lad I’ve seen in my entire life!  I suggest you all head down and browse the new computers… it seriously takes the pressures off switching from PC to Mac just for one glorious smile!  I asked a question and as I stood listening to the answer I realized nothing… NOTHING… he was saying was going in my head.  I was stuck on eyes and cheek bones and being that I’m almost forty (hush) and not lacking in either confidence or cooth… I told him exactly what I thought.

“I’m sorry” I smiled, “but nothing you’re saying is making any sense. The fact is, you’re really pretty!” It resulted in laughs from his colleagues, another fabulous smile and a repeated explanation… which again, didn’t register. (It’s a good thing I come from an IT background so didn’t require the information anyway.)

Besides the good looking “twenty somethings” I’m suddenly hanging out with, there are a few benefits to being a student… for example, while paying for groceries at Sobey’s the other day I discovered that students get 10% off on Tuesdays and I saved myself fifteen bucks!  On top of that, I got a box of goodies from NSCC’s Student Association filled with a bunch of freebies including gum, hot chocolate, microwaveable KD, rice and detergent.  OH… and last weekend my Tweeps had me enjoying the music of Lamb and Tetford at the Lower Deck followed by a few sets of Signal Hill… causing a great amount of laughter and cars being left downtown… for what we coined “The Queen’s Official Frosh Night”.  I seriously can’t wait for Spring Break!

So far this “student thing” is pretty good! I have a feeling it’s gonna be a great year!