Size matters…

I wore a new t-shirt the other day and on arriving home, discovered the clear 1X sticker stuck to my left boob.  OK… whatever… it was a 2X but I bought it big to allow for dryer shrinkage!

That’s nothing.

Last year, on arriving home from Dinner Club, I discovered the label from my new bra still on my bra strap displaying the double digited alphabetical symbol for everyone to see each and every time my blouse wafted over my shoulder exposing the strap!

I was wearing a loose blouse!

Frankly there are some things I like to keep to myself unlike Spiderman who leaves his hat labels stuck on the brim of his hat… publicly displaying the size of his head! Seriously, do I need a reminder of how big his head is… it’s been that way since birth!

Remember the old Levis? The label on the back clearly stated your waist and leg size and I recall more than one friend who actually took a pen and doctored the label so it showed they were smaller than they actually were!  I didn’t have to do that!

I would now.

My legs aren’t as long as they used to be.