Too pooped for my pants…

I have NEVER wished for the weekend to come so desperately in my life… just so I can sleep in on Saturday morning.

I’m exhausted. Seriously… how do you people do this everyday?

I’m used to getting up at seven a.m. and lighting a fire under the dozy kids but that usually involves pouring a cup of tea and directing them from one sleepy task to the next… all from the comforts of my couch!

Typically I wake them with cuddles, force them to make their beds and brush their teeth, make them pick up their laundry and actually put it in the basket, repeatedly beg Spiderman to eat breakfast before he leaves to walk to school with friends then drive Bones up wearing my red dress pants… the ones with the black Scottie dogs on them. After that, I come back home… pour another cup of tea… hang out with the dog and relax a bit before getting on with my day… sometimes keeping my red dress pants on until mid morning!

Sadly… those days are over and the only one found resting on the couch these days is the damn dog!

This week I’m up and showered and waking the kids and skipping the cuddles and grabbing breakfast and packing lunches and partially making supper and signing school notes and emptying the dishwasher and putting the dog out and sweeping the floor and… not knowing if teeth are brushed or beds are made… sending the kids off to school with a slap and a kiss before heading out the door myself to put in a full day of classes then come back home to tackle supper and chores and homework and…

I’m exhausted!

Throw in a nasty cough keeping me up at night and a body that aches from head to toe from leaning over a sketch book I have no business sketching inside of… then, for shits and giggles, toss in hockey tryouts, a puking dog and a lame horse and… is it Saturday yet?

I just want one day where I don’t have to take off my red dress pants!

One Reply to “Too pooped for my pants…”

  1. Been doing it for years….you will get the hang of it. Your house might not be as clean as you like, you learn to close the kids bedroom doors and pray they find spouses who will teach them how to make their bed. Supper may sometimes be eggs or a quick trip to Subway. And some nights, you will go to bed with the kids. I call it picking my battles, making sure the kids are safe, happy and have me as their "go-to" person. It's called living on auto-pilot but I am absolutely sure you can do it !! Good luck this year. ….kim