Big Day Downtown… Part Two

With a cup of tea out of the way, Mom and I continued our haunt of Downtown.

Since it’s beginning, Bishops Landing has always been a favorite of mine… the restaurants, shops and entire atmosphere show a “Halifax” that’s vibrant with charm and besides… my children simply love running through the sprinklers so it’s easy to turn a shopping adventure into a family event!

Just as we parked and stepped out of the car, Mom commented how she’d seriously considered purchasing one of the condos when they first were built… but thought in time she might tire of the busy-ness of the downtown core. I gave her the “you’ve got to be kidding” look as I can only imagine how awesome it would be to live in the heart of so much activity and excitement every day! Then again, if I think about it, some days the activity on my little suburban cul de sac is too much for me to handle!

A stroll through the Piazza at Bishops Landing had me realizing I’d been in every shop on the block with the exception of Turbine.  I’m not a big shopper of clothes and tend to frequent home decorating and gift shops but the whole point of Downtown Business Commission’s Big Day Downtown was to “try something new.”

Designed by owner Lisa Drader-Murphy, with fabrics and colors that hit you the moment you walk into the shop, every item in Turbine was a pleasant surprise.  Lisa produces the beautiful clothing from a renovated apple barn in the Annapolis Valley… a place I’m sure to visit one day as I’d love to see this amazing talent in action! Her designs were absolutely stunning but not just for their style… her choice of fabrics… the textures and patterns… absolute ART!

Along with her clothing, Lisa creates leather handbags and jewellery that are absolutely sensational… one piece after the next caught my eye. My purchase… a fabulous pair of drop earrings chosen with the help of Kyle who was happily working the front counter and proudly touting Lisa’s accomplishments.

Lisa’s clothing has been showcased at many events including the Toronto International Film Festival, the Golden Globes and Cannes Film Festival and AMAZINGLY… her beautiful boutique is right in our own backyard and if that isn’t enough… The Turbine Fund has given in excess of $100,000 to women’s groups since 2003! This year, net proceeds from Turbine Showcase 2011, an evening of fashion to showcase Lisa’s new line of clothing, will be donated to Alice Housing… a place dedicated to providing women a safe environment to rebuild their lives after escaping domestic abuse.

I walked into Turbine expecting to find a clothing store… where I really wasn’t interested in spending much time… and walked out in awe of a woman I’ve never met. A woman proving her talents while at the same time, giving so much back to our community!  All from the confines of an unassuming shop in Bishops Landing… and an old apple barn in the Annapolis Valley.

Which I’ll surely visit one day.  

Turbine Showcase 2011
Saturday, October 15th 7-10
@ Casino Nova Scotia’s Schooner Room
Tickets $50 @