Julie & Julia…

Yesterday afternoon, while the rain poured from the heavens and my house remained the messy state it had been all week, I put my feet on my coffee table and turned my focus to the T.V.

On more than one occasion when I’ve told someone about my blog, I’ve been asked if I’ve seen the movie “Julie and Julia.” It’s an odd response, I thought, considering the movie is about Julia Child and I couldn’t imagine how this woman, who taught French Cuisine and passed away before social media became mainstream, had to do with blogging!

Now I know.

In 2002, Julie Powell decided that over a 365 day period she would take on a project of testing each of the 542 recipes in Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” book… while blogging about her efforts. She’d always dreamed of being a writer and as her blog took on a life of its own she signed a book deal. In 2009… her book became a movie.

After watching Julie & Julia, I’m left with a profound understanding of “reaching your dreams.” Not because I dream of de-boning a duck or making aspic (which up until yesterday I thought was a bad word) but because I’ve always had a need to write… and in blogging… I’m doing it! I’ve had people tell me they think I’m a “great writer” but I’m always quick to tell them that I’m “not a writer… I’m a blogger.” To me, suggesting I’m a writer takes away from the talents of the many published writers who’ve worked terribly hard to get their words in print… published… sold… and in reprint. However, after watching the movie… I think this blogging thing still means something… maybe I am a writer?

People read Curtains… every day… many people… and what are they reading if it’s not my writing? I’m not suggesting I’m a “good” writer… a “refined” and “skilled” writer… but I’ve read many books through the years that are neither good, refined or skillfully written.  And really… maybe it doesn’t have to be a work of art at all!

I’ve written a book… it’s just never been published. While I’ve been told it has “potential”, it’s been turned down by more than one publisher… one not committing to anything but suggesting I write “more”… the “more” I’m not sure I ever wish to write. In 2005, when I completed what I thought was the final Chapter… it tore through me. I’ll never forget the feeling of completing something I felt so strong about and the realization that it wasn’t “publishing” the book but “writing” it that was so unbelievably satisfying. In retrospect, there’s a lot to do if I ever want to see it in print and maybe someday I’ll take it on… or not.  I don’t really know.

While I’ve always wanted to be a writer… after watching Julie & Julia I realize that in some odd way… I am. It’s not in stores, I’m not getting rich, you can’t touch it or turn the pages and I’d never want to disrespect those who’ve worked hard to get journalism degrees and fought tirelessly to get their works published. I may not be a “writer” in the traditional sense of the word but regardless… I’m writing!  And in doing so, I’m fulfilling one of my greatest dreams!

Bon Apetit!

2 Replies to “Julie & Julia…”

  1. So here I've been, laid up for a couple of weeks with nothing but time on my hands, and late night TV. I came across the movie completely by accident, but was immediately taken by the boisterous Julia and her over-the-top character, not to mention the slightly neurotic but ever entertaining Julie. I loved many things about the movie, but the part that stood out to me perhaps most of all was when the young, equally endearing husband told his wife that it wasn't the approval of the real Julia Childs, but the one she'd cooked with and poured her heart and soul out to of her imagination that mattered most in the end.

    Colleen…'writer' or not, and really who's to say…there is definitely a place of great value for what you do…pouring out your heart and soul – day after day – to your fans with courage, wisdom, and wit. I guarantee I'm not alone with this sentiment…and just wanted to say KEEP ON TRUCKIN, girlie…keep on truckin.


  2. Gail… what a lovely thing to say. The funny thing is… that's the exact moment in the movie that "got me" as well. I think we all look for other's approval… whether it be family, friends or complete strangers. Maybe that's really what this blog is all about… me trying to fit in, be accepted, make some sort of a difference… but the reality is the only one I need approval from is myself… that goes for any of us.

    I'm glad you are a "fan" of the blog… it means a lot to me when folks comment and enjoy what I have to say.

    Feel better soon… I'm thinking of you!