Noggin’s farm…

This weekend Spiderman had a hockey game in Canning… and being that the Annapolis Valley is known for its Pumpkin patches… we headed out early to take in a few adventures with The Tall Blond in tow as she was home for the Thanksgiving Weekend!

We’ve been going to Noggins for a few years now and my only complaint is price. I’m not sure if its risen or I’m suddenly crazy aware of every penny that goes out of my pocket… but to walk through the maze, my little family of four cost thirty bucks.


I admit, we had a fun time (I tried unsuccessfully to lose them until I realized they were getting ahead of me and I might be the one to actually get lost so ran to catch up with them) and it was a beautiful sunny day (actually it was sweaty gross as I chose to wear my new Fall sweater on what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year) but it would have been nice if admission included something like… oh I don’t know… a piece of corn!

I know it costs a lot to put the maze into production and there’s a limited time to recoup the costs of this inventive form of eco-tourism… but sadly, I watched many folks choose to leave the lineup after seeing the sign that listed the prices… prices that were cheaper from Monday through Thursday because what… we should take out kids out of school? For years I took them on the Friday inservice day but alas they’re onto us and Friday is now included in the “weekend pricing” which, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why it costs more on the weekend than it does during the week! For us, we’d a few hours to kill so it didn’t make sense to leave but believe me… I thought of it.

The kids had fun… Bones proved to be an amazing Cartographer so much so that when we finally decided we were melting and no longer in the mood to walk though large stalks of corn, she took but two minutes to view the map and illegally walk us off the marked trail and through the corn in two separate places to get us back to the beginning.  The place was packed and I happily ran into multiple friends, but sadly for me… though happily for the folks who own the farm… the market was simply too busy to get our Pumpkins so we left without gourds and will have to pick them up elsewhere during the week.

As for the rest of our day… Spiderman’s team won their first game of the season and I proudly watched as he pulled off a shorthanded goal, we were treated by my in-laws to a fabulous supper at Paddy’s Pub in Wolfville where we stuffed ourselves full of fabulous food and laughter then headed home with smiles on our faces for another family packed day of adventure… despite no one getting lost in the corn maze!