Giving thanks…

Considering it’s Thanksgiving Weekend, I thought I’d take a moment to think of all the things I’m most thankful for… my family aside… as that’s a given.

I’m thankful that for the last number of Thursday’s, Prada has helped haul out all of the garbage that Spiderman mysteriously left… the stuff he found “too heavy” or didn’t want to pick up as it was “strewn all over the lawn.”  In fact, I’m thankful everyday that Prada, her wonderful husband and the two Prada-G’s live next to me… say hello every time I step from my car, ask how my day was, pitch in to help, drop by for visits and show up with Big Macs!

I’m thankful that Gib lives in the house behind me and that leaving all of my blinds open doesn’t ’cause any odd feelings between us. She knows when I tuck my kids in, when I’ve spent hours working on homework, when I’m having a lazy day, when we’re sitting down to supper and when I choose not to wear pants. I like that when we talk on the phone we can actually see one another… and sometimes we choose to hang up and convene on the back deck for a corona or two.  I like that having her near makes me feel like we live in one big house… separated by a few trees. There’s a comfort in knowing she’ll call 911 if she sees me laying on the ground… and also knowing she’ll take a moment to run over and put my pants on before they arrive!

I’m grateful that CA and I became friends despite the fact that I was only “chatting her up” because she had an awesome speedboat parked in her driveway. Turns out it wasn’t hers and she was just allowing someone to store it in her driveway for the season but the fact is, while she didn’t own the boat, her friendship has kept me afloat on more than one occasion. I love that her children call me “aunt” and my children do the same and I’m thankful she met and married an old school friend of mine… giving me hope that there’s a whack of happiness out there and maybe, given time, I’ll find someone wonderful too and if luck is on my side… maybe he’ll even have a speedboat!!

I’m thankful that Crazy came into my life… partly because she’s crazy and adds a wonderful sense of discomfort to my normal days but also because she has a heart of gold, amazing morals and a laugh that… while often a little too loud… is insanely infectious. I’m really thankful she got a blackberry last year and that our BBM conversations are some of the funniest moments in my day and while she’s accidentally “pocket posted” an entire BBM conversation between herself and her husband on Facebook… I’m incredibly thankful she hasn’t done it yet with ours! I’m grateful she convinced Dish to move to Nova Scotia, that her smile lights up a room, that she always has something wonderful to say and that she puts things in perspective but to be honest, mostly I’m thankful that she’ll take anyone down if they ever tried to get in my way!

I’m grateful that Little-One does her very best to stay in touch even though she lives on the other side of the world.  To help us communicate, I’m thankful for email and Facebook and twitter and blogs… both hers and mine.  I’m in awe of her “daily photos” showing me a side of the world that’s so very different from mine, reminding me that I’m also grateful for the country I call home… the province I live in… my crazy little cul de-sac and all the people that encompass it. I’m thankful that she didn’t tell me how busy I was going to be once I went to school and grateful that she’s already tried to throw a few jobs my way. While I’ve had to put her off because I’m too busy, I’m looking forward to the day when we can work on projects together… as together… her and I make an amazing team!

Basically besides my family who are an absolute given… Mom and Dad, my Mother and Father in-law (yes I’m still calling them that because nothing else sounds right), my brothers, my sister in-law, my grandmother, aunts, uncles, cousins, their kids and especially my three wonderful children… besides my family who are a constant support… I’m thankful for the many people in my life who make it so rewarding. For the few I’ve mentioned and the rest who are too many to count… those who’ve been in my life for years and those who’ve recently become part of the growing group of people I’m happy to spend time with… this Thanksgiving I’m most thankful for this amazing gaggle of Turkeys I call my friends.