Tim who?

Some folks drive through Tim Horton’s to get their much needed and beloved cup of coffee…me…I go for my tea…and the garbage receptacles!

Don’t get me wrong, I love a drive thru cup of tea on my way to the rink, but the garbage containers are AMAZING!

I assume the containers are an “environmental” gesture in response to years of folks complaining about paper cups being thrown out the windows of cars…but whatever the reason for installing them at the various coffee shops, my car has never been cleaner!

The other day I was so focused on gathering garbage from the floor and various cup holders in my car…I actually drove past the speaker, put all of my garbage in the bins and didn’t realize I hadn’t ordered my tea until I got to the window!

That’s almost as bad as the time I told my order to the garbage can!

I’ll never forget the time my friend’s mom pulled up in front of our High School to pick up her daughter, rolled down the window and asked “Where’s Fiona?” My answer of “She’s at Tim’s” sent her over the edge as she yelled “TIM WHO?” in that accusatory “My daughter better not be hanging around with a boy I’m not aware of” voice that I only really understood when my eldest started hanging around boys I didn’t know.  My reply of “ummmm…Horton?” didn’t seem to change her mood as she sped away, leaving me and the rest of the girls in a fit of teen aged giggles!

Anyway…last week, Tim’s announced that it will be recycling their infamous take away cups into the cardboard trays used to hold multiple cups of coffee.  Now that’s smart thinkin’!

Almost as smart as putting garbage receptacles in the drive thru!

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