Review of the Orlando…

I sooo don’t want to give this car back… yet, at the same time, I totally feel like I’m cheating on my Malibu!!!

Almost two weeks ago I arrived home to find a shiny new GM Orlando sitting in my driveway.  It was a “gift” from Oregan’s on Robie to drive for a bit, see what I thought, then tell you folks all about it! The problem… at the end of it all, the “gift” would have to be returned!

It’s been a great experience and I’m left with a list of things I really like about the car… none of which are technical as well, the fact is, I know little to nothing about cars.  There are also a few things I found slightly frustrating but to be honest… I’ve really kind of fallen for this Orlando!

First of all… I really like the shape and size of the car… it’s really quite stylish and makes a nice statement. The one I’ve been driving is white… like “pure as the driven snow” white which, come to think of it, makes no sense at all as snow that’s been “driven” on is more like mucky and slushy with tire marks though it! Anyway, regardless, I think next time I get a car I’ll actually consider white as they’re super easy to find in a parking lot and it kind of matches my house! The black interior however is a bit of an issue… but probably more for the staff at O’Regan’s Perma Shine than for me! I have a dog… and knowing how her fur weaves into black upholstery as it did in my old Grand Prix, I haven’t taken my noble beast anywhere with me for the last two weeks! While I was careful not to leave them dealing with my dog’s fur… the mud from the barn should vacuum up without issue!!

When I first sat inside I noticed two things immediately… the windshield is huge and the seats are stiff.  It didn’t take long for me to get used to the seats and for a tall person, they were actually quite a nice fit.  Also, they have a fabulous arm rest… just for me… unlike the one in my regular car that’s shared with the passenger leaving me elbowing my kids somewhat like the when we’re at the movies. I like an armrest… but my kids do as well and they complained that there isn’t one on the passenger seat of the Orlando. Too bad for them… seriously, who buys a car for the passenger anyway!

As far as the big windshield… I found overall the car was super roomy and once I got used to my environment, I quite enjoyed driving a bigger vehicle again. On top of that, I greatly enjoyed the privilege of having a sun roof and it’s been fabulous having the extra row of seats… allowing me to take a few extra kids with me when we’ve gone places! The hockey gear fit perfect and there wasn’t an issue about where to put the sticks as there is with my regular car so all in all… the size was just perfect for a family.

As far as gas… well… I don’t think it’s fair of me to even talk gas as I’ve really gotten quite used to the Hybrid for gas savings. While it did cost more than I’m used to, my understanding from everything I’ve read is that it’s pretty fuel efficient compared to other Crossovers.

One TOTALLY frustrating feature was that it took me a full week to figure out where the lock and unlock buttons were!! Like every other car I’ve ever driven, I’m used to them being on the door but in this car they’re located next to the temperature controls on the center console!  Seriously!!!! Also… frustrating for me but nothing to do with the car… it was annoying to carry two sets of keys with me all week!  I’m not really sure why I didn’t just put the key to the Orlando on my regular set! Oh, and for those of you who follow my blog and know of my frustration with automatic key fobs, the Orlando comes with a regular key so I didn’t have to deal with those issues at all!!!!

Lets see… what else. I loved the new car smell, enjoyed having plenty of cup holders (with little nubby things that grip your cup), got a kick out of finding the hidden compartment behind the radio after seeing it on the commercial, liked the “digital display” that showed my speed, wished I’d had the “child view mirror” when my kids were smaller, pleased it came with an auxiliary jack for an iPod and ABSOLUTELY LOVED having Satellite Radio!

Overall… I thoroughly enjoyed driving the Orlando and got a kick out of folks who stopped to ask me what it was. On more than one occasion I allowed kids or adults to sit inside, check out the trunk or pop the hood. Quite frankly, it’s the perfect family car and I’m quite sure you’ll love it as much as I do. That is, if they can ever get it away from me!

Drop by O’Regan’s for a test drive… and tell them I said hello!