Not so messy…

I was so sick of the mess it wasn’t even funny!  Stuff everywhere.
You know how it is….  simply too busy to empty the dishwasher so the next group of dishes begins piling on the counter and filling the sink… the dust growing on the coffee tables… dog fur and bits of who knows what covering the carpets. On top of that, not washed in days, the kitchen tiles were rampant with bits of stuff spilled on them turning them into sticky bits of grime. In my attempt to organize, various items were placed up and down the steps but shoes and coats filled the front hall along with back packs, sports equipment and a saxophone giving me a small panic attack each and every time I walked into my home. The surfaces of the counter and table hadn’t been seen in days and the cherry on top of it all… empty Halloween wrappers as far as the eye can see.

Weeks of running kids around to various activities… school… homework… it simply fell apart before my eyes and for the times I spent putting the odd item away, emptying or refilling a dishwasher, running a vacuum or washing off a counter… it simply wasn’t enough.
I stood in the middle of it all… about to drive Bones to horseback riding before picking The Tall Blond up at the bus depot then coming back home, feeding them all supper then heading back out to a hockey game… rushed from one activity to the next and thankful I’d the weekend to get at homework and clean the mess… and sighed.
As much as I’m managing to fit everything in… the house… and a wee bit of my sanity… is greatly suffering.
“I’ll give you twenty bucks to make this house perfect” I said to Spiderman laying on the couch… knowing in the end it would only cost me ten as there was NO WAY he’d be able to pull it off.  “The whole house” he asked. “No, just the main floor… but perfect… like I did it myself kind of perfect,” I replied.  “Twenty five” he bartered back and again, knowing it would only cost me ten but thrilled at the thought of at the very least having my kitchen cleaned…agreed… then shut the door behind me as Bones and I headed out.
While sweeping the barn I received a text stating “We’re out of swifter pads so how do I wash the floor?”  I grinned, then sent mopping instructions and continued grinning as I mucked a wheelbarrow full of horse crap out of a paddock as Bones cantered the ring on her favourite pony.
With riding over and barn chores complete, we headed to the airport’s bus depot where we happily picked up The Tall Blond, grabbed a case of beer and a pizza and headed home.
To pure bliss.
Spiderman had done it… every single last bit… absolutely perfect.  Every table, every floor, every bit of dust and stray sock… every dish, piece of paper, spot of grime… gone.  Every light on the main floor was left on so I could see that he’d cleaned and polished every square inch of this messy house leaving my wallet twenty five dollars lighter and the grin on his face shining brighter than the lights reflecting on the newly washed floors.
It’s good to be a Mom… curled up relaxing with three kids under one roof… in my perfectly clean home… with my heart… absolutely full!

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