Two evenings at the Lower Deck has me thinkin’… I’m in a rut!
Not that I don’t love it… I do. The music, the friendships, the laughter and silliness… but maybe it’s a bit much. I’ve turned into a regular without meaning to turn into a regular… evident from the bartender bringing me a Strongbow and a tall glass of ice when I arrived last night… without me asking.

I’ve become the guy in the Iron Maiden shirt who’s there every time I’m there… the guy who leans against the bar in the very same spot every time I’m there… Mikey, the sweet, smiley fella who loves a good Newfoundland tune and says hello every time I’m there… or the girl in the off the shoulder top looking for a little attention every time I’m there.

Fact is if I’m noticing them… they’re noticing me.
Every time they’re there!
So… I’m taking a break… before I become Norm.
I think.
It’s just that… well… what’s a girl to do on her non-kid weekends? The Lower Deck… the people there… it’s safe, comfort… feels like “home.”
And that’s the problem!
It’s like eating the same thing for breakfast every morning… I’m not good with change! Getting “out there” to begin with was a big deal for me but I’m not meeting anyone… and at the same time… I don’t want to! I’m not really into the dance clubs or cabarets and totally not interested in the “pick up scene” which I’d call the “single scene” except for the simple fact that most of the folks aren’t single. At the same time… maybe things have gotten a little too comfortable… and I need to expand my horizons!
So… I’m taking a break. Trying a few new things but I’ll be back… just as soon as everyone forgets what my order is.
And I no longer feel like Norm.