Movember… again…

When Spiderman says we’re out of groceries… what he really means is we’re out of sour cream and shredded cheese.

The boy eats A LOT of cheesy nachos with globs of sour cream so much so that he’s growing a little Mexican stache on his once smooth upper lip.  At least I think it’s from the nachos.

It might be from the tequila.

Or Movember.

Yup… once again… all the single girls take a month off from kissing due to the crazed moustaches appearing on the once smooth skinned men… thrilled to be publicly able to grow their insane soup strainers in an attempt to outdo one another with their extended handlebars, trucker tracks and porn star looks.  Oh… and of course… raise a little money for prostate cancer.

If you want to donate to the cause… check out the Mo Pages of my friends Dave and Rob, my cousins Andrew and Paul, my uncle Mike, or my favorite musician Paul Lamb (who’s about to release a brand new CD that I’ll tell you about in the coming weeks!)

While you’re supporting the men who’ve gone ahead and created Mo Pages and are well on their way to raising money for men’s health… support all the other men who’ve jumped on the bandwagon of growing a moustache… just to prove that they can!

Me… I’m growing a little one myself at the moment. Nothing a quick visit to Mudwraps to Manicures can’t fix.  Hmmmm…. I wonder if I can convince Spiderman to have his done as well?

Happy Movember folks… thank goodness it’s halfway over!!!