Sonic… post 2…

I’ve been driving this brand new, 2012 Chevrolet Sonic… otherwise known as “The Pumpkin”… for about a week now.  So far… I’m loving it!

Well… not in the “I’m definitely buying one” kind of loving it because the fact is, it wouldn’t work as a family car… unless of course I decided to get rid of a few kids which some days is quite possible though overall I’m happy with the amount I have!  It’s more like “this car is adorable” kind of loving it!

It’s been eons since I’ve driven a small car and it’s bringing back a ton of memories. Years back, when my brother and I were two driving teens living in a one car family… Mom and Dad went out one night to buy a car and came home with two! I’ll never forget that little blue car… shaped much like the Sonic I’m driving now. It got us everywhere we needed to go and in the end… I’m not really sure what ever happened to it! Oh wait… yes… it’s coming to me… my mother traded it in for a little red sports car when we all moved out!!!

The Sonic is the perfect little car with a whack of personality. The best part of it is number of parking spaces I can fit into!!!  It’s fantastic! It turns on a dime and fits into tight little spots that the big SUV’s and family vans have to drive on by. I’m loving taking it everywhere with me… kind of like having a puppy or a small clutch purse… it’s the perfect accessory!

Last weeks Orlando was a treat to drive… the perfect family car for me and my growing family (no… I’m not pregnant… they’re actually growing in leaps and bounds and need about as much leg room as a couple of moose).  This week’s Sonic… perfect for a second car… or a person without three long legged kids, friends that need drives, a dog and hockey gear!  (Spiderman’s gear DOES fit into the hatchback trunk… we’ve taken it to games and practice a number of times… we just can’t drive any teammates!)

Anyway… I’m bootin’ around in “The Pumpkin” this week courtesy of Oregan’s, and rather enjoying it!  Who knows… maybe I’ll buy one for The Tall Blond so I can borrow it when I’m in the mood for adventure! I’ll fill you in on the specs in the next few days but for now I’m just kind of enjoying the “fun-ness” of it… reliving a bit of my youth… and waiting for my Fairy Godmother to show up to turn this Pumpkin into a glass carriage with footmen and a Prince! Something tells me… she’s on her way!