Chevy Sonic…

I’ve been driving this car for O’Regan’s for a few weeks now and I have to admit… I’m quite smitten with it.

Besides the adorability factor of the Sonic… it’s a treat in a parking lot and with the packed malls filled with holiday shoppers, I can easily slide into the tiniest of spots.
Mostly though… I just kind of like it.  I like the idea of having a choice when I go outside in the morning with two sets of keys in my pocket thinking… hybrid or pumpkin… hybrid or pumpkin. Usually my decision is based on which one I know has gas in it (which by the way the Sonic is AMAZING on gas) but honestly, having an option is really quite lovely.
The other night, with the impending snow storm, I took the little pumpkin (named by my children as the car is orange) and placed it in my garage. Seriously, no one wants frost on their pumpkin! The best part… it fit perfectly… even with the hockey net on one side and the winter tires I need to sell on the other!
I fully admit, the car is just too small for me in a “would it really be so bad to get rid of my kids and dog” sort of way… but if I didn’t have all the other stuff to contend with… it would be an absolute joy to own. It has a whack of personality and spirit if a car can even be described that way!
There are a few things I really enjoyed… first off, being in a small car, I would have thought I’d feel a little jittery on the highway but that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, the Sonic drives like a charm and has quite a bit of pep to it… it’s size is akin to driving in a big ol’ hug with ten airbags ready to squeeze a little tighter should the moment arise! Honestly, it picks up speed quite quickly allowing you to zip in and out of traffic as if you were driving a motorcycle not a car… and from the look of the awesome round head lights and tail lights… it’s almost as if you WERE driving a motorcycle. Except that you aren’t!

I LOVED the digital display on the dash showing me how fast I was going and in what direction! I’ve never understood North, South, East and West… preferring instead for directions like Left, Right, Up and Down but the display in the Sonic told me the exact direction I was headed… or coming from… I actually don’t really know. I do know that when Bones and I were driving down the highway going South West, the shadow from the sun was directly in front of us and the shape of the shadow on the road with the mirrors on the sides looked EXACTLY like Shrek’s head!  And this my friends is what made me want to drive South West on multiple occasions just so I could possibly recreate the Shrek Head shadow!

I got a real kick out of the door handles for the back doors being sideways… adding to the sleek, streamlined look of the car much like the head lights. Mostly though, it was a treat to watch Bones’ and Spiderman’s friends try to figure out how to open up the back doors! The sunroof and large windows made the car seem that much roomier and, as I said before, the rear hatch even managed to fit the hockey gear! The Sonic comes with iPod doodads and bluetooth stuff that would have been set up if I actually owned it but we listened to the radio through speakers that didn’t sound too bad!

Honestly, if I were to throw one word at this car… it would be “Fun.” From the moment it arrived in my driveway to when I placed it in my garage for safe keeping, it left me with the impression of being young and full of personality… a car that would be perfectly safe for someone starting out… not entirely sure which way they’re headed but happy to be heading that way with a whole lot of spirit and personality to back them up.

It’s Christmastime folks! Head to O’Regan’s and buy your young person a brand new Chevy Sonic… and tell them I sent you!