Queen’s 18th update…

I’m an entire month behind on a Queen’s Update!

To be totally honest, I haven’t been too uptight about it as after working and reworking my to-do list and calendar, making sure I get the kids to their activities and me to class on time while trying to fit in school work, housework and blogging… it hit me… “It’ll all get done in time!”

Here’s what I’ve been up to!

For the last several weeks I’ve been happily going about product testing the Orlando and Sonic for O’Regan’s. It has been a fantastic experience and I’ve written several blogs about the cars. Read them and make a comment, then head to O’Regan’s for a test-drive if you’re in the market for a car… both were a treat to drive for different reasons. Thanks O’Regan’s for recognizing social media and blogging as a great way to market your product! If anyone knows anyone (like say… a hot tub company) who might be interested in me testing their product, send them my way. Oh… and make sure you click on the various advertisers on the right side of this site! OH… and if you like a post, click on the “Buy me a coffee” link to throw a bit of change in my paypal account… it’s like busking… without actually having to wear a ridiculous outfit or swallow fire!
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I’ve had more than my share of sappy, sentimental moments lately… made so much worse by the fact that I simply can’t get a good nights sleep! I’m surrounded by awesome people who’ve been a huge support in my life and much as I’d like to, I can’t pay them back. Sometimes, I use the blog to tell you about the folks in my life… so they can know I appreciate them. If you ever find your name in one of my posts… or a name I’ve given you… it means simply that I couldn’t possibly get through a week without you in it!
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I’m still in awe of the wonderful things I saw at the Dawson Print Shop!! If you’re interested in seeing some beautiful art, the Letterpress Gang will be one of the exhibitors at Halifax Crafter’s Society’s Winter Market this weekend at the Olympic Community Centre just off North. I’ve not been before but Bones and I are heading there tomorrow. It’s my understanding it’s a great little market packed with wonderful local artists… just in time for Christmas!!!
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I had a wee bit of trouble with my cougar math calculation. It seems I didn’t add in all of the variables and had folks figuring out the youngest person they could date without all of the information.  For example… if you calculate your age and it’s within ten years of the age of your eldest child, or grandchild… then you must recalculate the number by adding five years to your age for every decade older than the person who’d take issue with you dating someone “too young”. If you aren’t really bothered by what they think, you should add ten years to your “real age” just to keep the whispering to a dull roar. There are other variables as well but it’s complicated and add to that the fact that Demi and Ashton split this month… I’m thinking the entire formula needs to be re-evaluated.
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I had a rather whiny moment to contend with last month. Fact is, while I’m enjoying the challenge of my courses and the wonderful things I’m learning (did I mention my instructors are FABULOUS… and read my blog), I’m finding it increasingly difficult to balance my life. There’s no “me time” anymore and yet I’ve come to the conclusion that the “me time” is actually school itself. It’s HARD! I’m enjoying myself… feeling fulfilled and rejuvenated but I’m bloody well exhausted. Lucky for me… the semester is just about over which has me realizing… I SURVIVED THE SEMESTER!!!
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Partway through November I decided that I was spending enough time at the Lower Deck and made a resolution to stay away for awhile. Then I got to thinking and re-thinking and well… if, on the once or twice a month I actually manage to step away from kids activities and school work for a few hours and it happens to be somewhere I’m comfortable at and the bartender knows what I like to drink and the fellow in front of the mic says “hi” when I arrive and I’m happy there… what the hell… call me Norm!
Post: “Cheers!

A LOT of folks read my long, drawn out and ridiculous post about the conversation I had with the Bell Lady… most not believing the conversation was true. When I write a post I’m usually careful not to exaggerate too much… keeping in mind creative freedom! So, with the exception of a bit of extra sarcasm and me not actually revealing my true password, much of what I wrote was indeed said in the silly conversation. Not only that, many folks have shared with me their crazy help line conversations as well! In the end, my mail was never recovered and I’ve a feeling I’m missing something incredibly life changing… but I guess if it was that important they’d get back to me!  I did hear from Bell… telling me they’d read what I’d written and thanked me for my “perspective”. I’d imagine if they reviewed the taped conversation, there’s a good chance that the Bell Lady I was speaking with is currently being retrained!!!
Post: “Help line woes…

Bones’ teacher sent me a message telling me that her Cougar presentation was one of his funnier moments as a teacher! I can imagine.
Post: “Animal adaptations…

I’ve been trying to convince Spiderman to clean the house again… he’s demanding more money!
Post: “Not so messy…

And… that’s the last two months in a nutshell… well, the stuff I can tell you about anyway!!

I’m looking forward to the holidays as soon as I can get through this last week of classes and get a little shopping done! It wasn’t so easy Christmas shopping last year as this month marks a year since I took a fall at the kids’ school, tearing all of my hip flexors causing a whack of discomfort and limping which then lead to a slip on the ice a few months later and a fractured hip! My body doesn’t quite work the way it used to but it’s a treat not to be in pain every day! My Tweep got Whiplash last week while tobogganing with her kids and Crazy has a severe sprain from a soccer injury causing her to wear some pretty boring shoes for someone who loves to wear heals! I wish them both a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing them at my Christmas party next week!!

This weekend has me at hockey practice, three games, a riding lesson, a craft show and a penny auction while in between dragging the Christmas boxes out of the basement… unpacking and decorating and putting the lights on the trees outside!  I’ve Monday and Tuesday off for homework… and a few days left of classes before the festivities begin!

Enjoy the days ahead! The holidays are here!