Eat, drink and be merry…

And Christmas arrives!

Last night, after a three year “holiday party” hiatus, I threw a biggun’. Dozens of folks jam packed into my house… new and old friends mingling to the live music of Paul Lamb while… oh wait a minute… turns out Paul couldn’t attend so instead I threw on a few CDs and the fireplace channel! (On a side note, he is available for house parties and released his CD on iTunes this week.)

Anyway, like I was saying, over fifty laughing, happy, jolly folks that truly mean the world to me (plus one I don’t particularly like but invited anyway), all gathered in one place eating glorious treats and drinking excessive amounts of alcohol… well into the wee hours of the morning.

You’re trying to figure out who I don’t like aren’t you?

It’s not you.

After a night of joyous revelry, this morning I stepped into my kitchen… absolutely appalled by the look of empty bottles, spillage, garbage, beer caps, wine corks and leftover food strewn on every counter and table available… then poured myself a cup of tea.

And another.

Basking in the glory of a fabulous night with thoughts of finishing my tea before tackling the mess… that’s when my girlfriends showed up.

First Crazy… stopping by to pick up the phone she left the night before. Then Prada in her jammies… curling up in her favourite chair popping last night’s pepperoni into her mouth while convincing Crazy to run her errands and return. Then my Tweeps… full of energy and a desire to clean every square inch of the mess left behind by the party pigs. Then Gib… ready for a cup of coffee and a morning to rehash the events from the night before. Then the return of Crazy.

In no time the house was clean… compost removed, recyclables gathered, dishes washed and floor scrubbed. We curled up in the cozy living room to enjoy each others’ company for a few hours… solving the worlds problems and organizing both a cookie bake off and potluck for the coming days.

Christmas has arrived.

A little extra time on my hands to spend with those I love… and those I’m not particularly fond of.

PS… I’m just kidding… I didn’t invite anyone I didn’t like!

PPS… Except for you.

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