One down… three to go…

Part of me is too excited to even write the words… but yes… I’m one semester down and for the next four days, until the kids are done… I’m a STAY AT HOME MOM!!!!!!

I haven’t had a whole lot of time to reflect on the last four months… in fact, I haven’t had much time for anything at all! But…. this week, completing the end of semester projects and feeling proud of my accomplishments… it felt incredibly rewarding!

It helps that I’m surrounded by a bunch of young people who are supportive in every way. It’s true, I’d like a few “older folks” thrown in there but it’s nowhere near as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. These kids have totally embraced what I’m doing and in a way… I think they even look up to it a little bit.

My body aches… my mind is tired… I’m juggling kids, activities, a dog and a house… but I’ve never felt more alive in my entire life! I prefer my time at home with the kids, volunteering, days spent with my girlfriends, shopping, a clean house and cooked meals rather than early mornings, late nights, jaunts through the drive thru, grasping moments at the barn or rink parking lots to try to get homework done and weekends that are more work than play… but on the other hand, I’m feeling… hell, I don’t know what I’m feeling… I’m freakin’ out of my mind exhausted!!!

Yesterday, curled up on the couch for twelve hours, pounding out CSS and HTML code for a web design project with one of my favourite classmates, Matty B… joined later by another who’d already finished his assignment but dropped by for “moral support”… had me realizing I’m more of an immature student than a mature student as the joking around and laughter was infectious. The work, as difficult and frustrating as it was, came together with great determination, support and at times a bit of luck followed by high fives and a sense of pure pride! Pizza was ordered, beer was drank, my kids were coming in and out of the room to check on the progress and have a few laughs and dammit… I had fun! It was a great ending to a fabulous semester.

It’s done.  I survived the four months packed full of change and challenges and I’ve a few weeks off to spend with my family and friends, settling back into the life I love. I’ve the next few, days while my kids are in school, to finish shopping and wrapping and then pick The Tall Blond up on Thursday so  my home will be complete once again. I’ve three weeks of Christmas bliss to take a deep breath and surround myself with everything I hold dear but I have to admit… I’m gonna miss those goofy kids I’ve just spent the last several months with.

And it won’t be so hard to head back to school when the semester begins again.

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