I’m number five!!!!

There’s a saying in the sailing world that goes… “Second Place is the First Loser!” Or is it third place… fourth? Good Lord, maybe it’s fifth!

Anyway, midway through the month, I told you how thrilled I was to be shortlisted with the Ninjamatics 2011 Canadian Weblog Awards…  a juried competition that judges blogs, in various categories, against a specific set of criteria. In fact, I was shortlisted in TWO categories!  “Life” and “Family and Parenting”.

Over the last two weeks, the blogs on this “shortlist” were then judged based on another set of criteria… and last night… first, second and third places were announced.


I’m either fourth or fifth… in both categories! For arguments sake… let’s say fourth.  Alright, whatever, fifth it is but I have to admit, the entire process was quite fantastic and I am absolutely thrilled to be in such phenomenal company.

The six folks who placed in the categories I was nominated, are wonderful writers… but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. They’re motivational speakers, magazine editors, published authors, artists, entrepreneurs, designers, chefs, advertisers, gardeners… they’re walking the red carpets, appearing in commercials, speaking at blogging events… they’re attending charity functions and raising much needed awareness and funds for people in need.  Each of them are living out an amazing “blogging life”, have THOUSANDS of Twitter followers and Facebook fans supporting these blogs they’ve been writing for years!

Me… I’m still meat and potatoes… just starting out with my 195 Twitter fans and beginning to be a wee bit known for this blog.  I have TONS to learn but am honestly thrilled with how far blogging has brought me… what started out as a personal journey, has really taken on a life of it’s own.

Truly, I’m thrilled to have been nominated and simply blown away that I was ever chosen to be in the company of such fabulous storytellers!

I’ll take fifth place any day!

Well… maybe not next year!!!!

Congrats to the winners in the categories of “Life” and “Family and Parenting”… I’m pleased to add each of you to my reading list and welcome you to my growing list of friends!

Click on the following links to discover these fabulous folks… share their blogs with your friends and follow them on Twitter and Facebook… oh, and while you’re at it… do the same for me!!!

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Coffee With Julie
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No Ordinary Rollercoaster
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8 Replies to “I’m number five!!!!”

  1. Congrats on being involved with the CWAs! There were so many awesome blogs nominated I have no idea how the jurors picked the winners – it seems like a super hard job. There's always next year and until then why not join my bloggers community at Eclectic Six dot com ? It would be awesome to have you 🙂

    Heather from HomeToHeather

  2. @heather… AWESOME! I just joined. Oddly enough I first went to Electric Six and discovered a UK Funk band… I didn't join the band… but there was a wee moment I thought it would be a great thing to do!! Looking forward to learning lots from you guys!!!

  3. Number 5 is actually my favourite number! 🙂

    I'm happy to "meet" you. I am really taken with the image you've chosen … the curtains blowing open, the woman in deep thought (or watching a cute guy walk by, who knows!) 😉

    And congrats for being short-listed in two categories. Looking forward to keep in touch.

  4. Thanks Julie… I'm SOOOO enjoying discovering the blogs from the CWA's! Such fascinating folks out there doing some amazing things! I've added you to my reading list… really enjoying your posts! Funny you like the lady in the window… I'm quite smitten with the coffee theme!!! Great banner and coffee spill rollovers!!!

  5. Congrats on making the short list and thank you for the kind words about everyone <3. A good sport while blogging will get further than ones who bash others, so you're on the right path! Wonderful to be nominated with you, a great part of this is meeting new bloggers!

    And I didn't get 1st, so I'll 🙁 along with you!

  6. hey congrats! you're just meat and potatoes? mmm i love meat and potatoes 😉

    you're in some fine company there! love your honesty.

  7. @the kitchen magpie – thanks so much for your comments! As far as being negative… there's a lot of folks I can bash before coming after the bloggers!!!! LOL! I prefer to be nice… or I don't hit publish!!! (I have a lot of posts that will never see the light of day!!!)

    @anna THANKS for the comment! I'd found your blog before and then couldn't remember where it was! I'm so happy to have connected again… and so happy you like meat and potatoes!

  8. Hey, at least you were nominated! I wasn't…so that makes me…ummm in about 1 billionth place 🙂