The road even less travelled…

I’m not entirely sure what fates had me product testing cars (Randy Power @ O’Regans is one of my best friends) but when Garry Sowerby…columnist and author, dropped off a Chevy Equinox an hour ago, I thought… holy crap, the gig’s up!!!

I know NOTHING about cars while Garry on the other hand has been writing for a million years on every car imaginable, various road trips and motor events and I’m… well… yeah, I got nothing…I’m covering new car smells and cup holders!

Garry’s a four-time world record holder for long distance driving while I can’t keep my eyes open past four hours…making me realize a drive to Newfoundland this summer is out of the question!

Along with being a columnist for the Halifax Herald and Vancouver Sun, Garry is a published author of a book he graciously gave me this morning titled “Sowerby’s Road… Adventures of a Driven Mind.” The book includes 25 years of motoring stories from around the world! AROUND THE WORLD!  He writes and blogs with his lovely wife, Lisa…and is a treat to chat with! They’re obviously loving life and living the dream!
On top of all of that, Garry’s got another job! As CEO of “Odyssey International”, Garry’s company specializes in events “ranging from establishing solo long-distance world driving records to producing memorable ride and drive programs for auto manufacturers.”

He’s the real freakin’ deal!!!

Check out Garry’s bi-weekly column in the Herald, Road Less Travelled, pick up his book “Sowerby’s Road” or give Odyssey a call if you’re about to launch a brand new Ferrari at the F1 race in Morocco and OH MY GOD I wonder if he knows Jacques Villeneuve!!!!
In the meantime…this week, stay tuned to my blog for the tantalizing details about the 2012 Equinox…I’ll be chit chatting about leg room and mirrors!
(Oh, and Garry… if you’re reading this… I had it in by noon!!!)