Queen’s 19th Update…

The last time I wrote a Queen’s Update was December 2nd!

Fact is… time is flying at a faster rate of speed than ever before. School… kids… school… school… there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

Despite the issue I’m having with clocks, I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel… and what a bright one it is!

As it was for everyone… December was a blur. The semester ended mid-month with a number of late nights of poster creation and an extremely intense weekend building a website.  It felt incredibly good to have made it through considering when it started, I truly didn’t think I had it in me! When my marks were posted… well, lets just say I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face for days.
Post: “One down, three to go…”

To throw fuel on an already fired up end of semester… Spiderman managed to get a minor concussion in a hockey game. He was a day out of school and a few days off the ice… but I’m happy to say he’s not had any other symptoms since he was cleared for play. I’m torn with all of this hockey stuff… he loves it… I love to watch him… but things get so crazy out of control at times and I’m really not sure if it’s such a wonderful experience after all. Just last week, in a game that put another team out of Provincials (we’re out now as well), the team we’d played against were so upset that there were fists being thrown on their own bench! I have to constantly remind myself that we’re dealing with thirteen year old boys… filled with emotion and testosterone! They are unpredictable at best… and ultimately full of passion.
Post: “Play safe…”

Facebook had me reliving a past I wasn’t quite ready to relive. I spent a week cleaning up old posts and fighting an urge to scream obscenities from the rooftops! At the same time, realizing how far I’ve come is pretty awesome. What’s ahead for me… is unimaginable!
Post: “Facebook Timeline…”

I had a bit of fun with the kids in the days leading up to the holidays… wreaking havoc on their mornings with the help of a little Christmas Elf! Each morning, the kids would wake to something amiss… the TP’d tree and underwear hung on the mantle were a few of the things the elf got himself into! I got a kick out of The Tall Blonde’s friends dropping by the house to see what had happened overnight. It was great fun, and certainly something I’ll do again next year.
Post: “Damn Elf…”

With the holidays behind, January found me back at school and stressing again. With a few personal things going on in my life, I had multiple sleepless nights full of nightmares and anxiety. As life has a way of doing, everything worked out. Well, not the way I wanted them to… but I’ve come to realize that things happen for a reason… and obviously someone has bigger plans for me. I just wish sometimes the road to getting where I’m going was a little less muddy!
Post: “Resolutions…”, “Living the Dream…”

I was reminded in January of how delightfully funny my friend Red is. If you don’t remember, she’s the one that had my girlfriends and I involved in a murder mystery a few years back! Red is the owner of Mudwraps to Manicures and has a delightfully twisted sense of humor that will grab you just when you need it the most. At times, I turn to her for infectious laughter… and at others for indomitable strength. I’m always happy to be in her company and all too aware of how lucky I am to be considered her friend. At Christmastime, she introduced me to the most remarkable woman I’ve ever met. Rose is a cancer survivor who made it back from knocking on death’s door. Her spirit is amazing and I’m thrilled to have spent some time in her company reminding me to see the goodness in every single day. I’m surrounded by strong, powerful, spiritual, beautiful women… just like me… just like Red.
Post: “Change is good…”

If you didn’t know before, you know now… I’m from Newfoundland… and so proud of it! I wrote a post to that effect and it was picked up by a newspaper in Labrador… which absolutely thrilled me! I welcome all of my new readers and promise to add more “Newfoundland content” from time to time. But honestly, it’s in every bit of my writing as it’s just part of who I am! I look forward to a visit home this summer. Oh… for my family home… put the kettle on! I’m coming for the wedding!!!!
Post: “Stay where you’re at…”

I was ABSOLUTELY THRILLED to be shortlisted in two categories with the Canadian Weblog Awards! While I didn’t place first, second or third in the final round of voting… I truly was just thrilled to have landed where I did! I discovered some great new blogs and have some fabulous new followers… it’s great to be recognized… and honestly, I’ll take top five any day!
Post: “They like me…”, “I’m number five…”

I first wrote about being sick on January 20th… the day I dropped my wonderful piggy bank on the floor and it burst into a million pieces… which should have been an omen for the wreck ahead.  I’d been stuck in bed for a few days with the stomach flu, missing three days of classes… causing a good many days of trying to catch up. From there, I got a cold… which turned into another chest infection and sinus infection… putting me on antibiotics and puffers. On top of that, I cracked a tooth. The antibiotics ended this week, I spent some time in the dentist chair getting some work done (by the fabulous Dr. Quigley)… and all is well again? Nope… it’s not! Four days after the antibiotics ended I’m miserable again… stuffed up, coughing and a fever… so I’ll be heading to the doctor again tomorrow. Oh… and on top of that… last night, believe it or not, I cracked another tooth! I swear my body is falling apart… just like the little pig.
Post: “This little piggy…”, “Incognito…”

As required for the Graphic Design program, I had to purchase a camera for a photography course. Eight hundred and twenty bucks later and I have no idea what I’m doing! I’ve taken a few great pictures of Spiderman and Bones and I’m slowly getting over the hole in my wallet with the realization that I’m probably going to enjoy this new toy in time. On a sad note, Carsand Mosher… where I purchased my camera, announced it was closing it’s Halifax store just the day after I made my purchase… so much for continued help if I had any questions!
Post: “My new toy…”

One of the perks of blogging is that from time to time I’m asked to test a product or attend an event. I happily attended “Mrs. Parliament’s Night Out” at Neptune and was even happier that Neptune provided me with two additional tickets to give away to a lucky reader! It was an enjoyable play, full of laughs… and a wonderful night out with my mom. Tomorrow, GM is dropping off an Equinox for me to product test for the week… I’ll let you know how it goes! If there’s anything you’d like me to check out… send me an email and I’ll happily get back to you.
Post: “Mrs. Parliament’s Night Out…”

I told you all about my friend Kary who was throwing a fundraiser to help out her friend Sheila, who’d been attacked in Mexico while on vacation. The fundraiser was a great success… and my understanding is Sheila continues to heal.
Post: “My friend’s friend… Sheila Nabb…”

Continuing with being proud of myself (sometimes you have to pat yourself on the back), the logo I created for the Wellness Centre was launched this week along with three wonderful “wellness” rooms for the faculty and students at NSCC’s Waterfront Campus. The rooms include a fitness room for students and staff to work on cardio and strength and flexibility training. A Spiritual Room for meditation, tai chi and prayer among other things. A Health Clinic and Education room dedicated to the overall mental and physical health of individuals including a monthly women’s clinic, Weight Watchers and more. The whole idea behind the wellness center is finding balance in our busy lives… something I could truly use!
Post: “I made it…”

February is filled with family birthdays and I’m quite stuck with the feeling of getting older as my eldest hits twenty! Age never bothers me personally… I’m young (some call it immature) for forty three and in some ways, feeling even younger considering the people I’m spending my days with. On the other hand, they also make me feel exceptionally old when I can’t quite keep up, can’t quite remember things the way I used to and can’t quite pull off the late night grind. Mind you, I doubt too many of them could chase the schedule I chase, get supper on the table and keep the house clean week after week. Alright… whatever…  the house is a mess!!!!
Post: “Hindsight is twenty twenty…”

Anyway, that’s it for another update… you’re all caught up and if you missed a post or two, click on the links and enjoy the read.  I’ve apologized from time to time about not updating my blog as often I once did… but to be honest, I’m doing the absolute best I can! If I had it my way, I’d write everyday… but unfortunately there just aren’t enough hours in the day!