I met a boy…

Last weekend, I met a boy who made me think a little different than the way I’d been thinking!

Simply put…it means I might not wait until I’m eighty to take off with some old codger…leaving my children thinking I’ve totally lost my mind while sprinting to the bank to protect my assets!

Nope…it’s quite possible that at some point, I might actually let someone crack into the multiple layers of cement I’ve encased around my heart…then sweep me off my feet (just as soon as he’s finished sweeping up the cement dust!)

I can’t tell you who this boy is that changed my mind…where he lives or what he does since the last thing he said was “I’m not showing up in your blog tomorrow am I?” to which I “wittily” replied with “I only blog about things that interest me!” But…I can tell you he was handsome, smart, tall, funny and in the middle of chaos…he caught my eye…which is pretty amazing considering no one’s turned my head in years…except for…well…never mind about that!

Is wittily a word?

Good looks aside…the biggest attraction…he seemed to have the same moral compass as me which more and more lately, is hard to find. Then again, he could be a complete and total jerk as I’m really bad at first impressions but it doesn’t really matter one way or the other as the other night…in a crowded room…where we chit chatted for awhile before heading off in two separate directions…I met a boy. Who made me think differently about the way I’d been thinking.And suddenly…my heart feels a little bit lighter!

Seems cement has a way of melting…in time.

One Reply to “I met a boy…”

  1. OMG , I could have written this blog 5 or 6 years ago. And I so understand "hearts encased in steel" and can pinpoint the exact day my heart felt lighter.

    Good things come to those who wait. Kim