Curve ball…

Being a single mom at school is nuts!

I’ve been in front of my computer since last Wednesday with multiple hours of homework still ahead that until yesterday… I’d planned out perfectly while still managing to feed my children and fit in every kid activity imaginable.

Then yesterday, I had an important meeting… and while I’m accessible to the kids 24/7… I let them know I’d be turning my phone off for about 40 minutes.

That’s all.

Forty minutes!

By the time I turned the phone on, four phone calls and a text message from home had me frantically phoning Bones to discover that when she’d arrived home from school… our Noble Beast, Zucchini, was in distress.

Murphy’s Law.

I rushed… as fast as I could… phoning the vet and arriving home as Bones brought the dog to the car…ears down and looking rather pathetic.

The dog… not Bones.

Somehow, during the afternoon between Spiderman heading back to school from lunch and Bones arriving back home… Zuke got her back claw caught on something and was in quite a state. She’s good now… Bones had everything under control long enough for me to take over. The dog had a small surgical procedure on her paw and with the exception of the incessant whining, pain meds and her inability to master the “Cone of Silence”… she’s doing ok… or will be… in a few days.

I didn’t sleep last night as she wouldn’t stop crying unless on top of me… reminding me of multiple nights when The Tall Blond was a newborn… wishing I could do anything to make her more comfortable while knowing there was nothing I could do but hold her.

I can plan it as best as I can to make sure everyone is happy and where they’re supposed to be while at the same time, making sure I’m getting everything done that I’m supposed to be doing… but every now and then… life throws you a curve ball.

And there’s absolutely nothing you can do… but catch it.