It’s about time…

Some of you know I wrote a book… many years back.


It was turned down by a few publishers… one of which, funny enough…. follows my blog, thinks I’m “fantastic” and that I should write a book!
I wonder if she knows?
Anyway, it needed work… more depth… and over the last while, I’ve been revamping it. And… if I were to give it a huge push this summer while I’m not in class and the kids are away… I’d be done.
I’ve had many folks ask me to publish my blog… but to me, I don’t see the point as you can read it here for free. With that said, I’ve an idea or two around printing my posts that I’m putting on the back burner… for now!

Because… I’ve been doing a little research, chit chatting with a “self publisher”… and I’m actually going to go for it!

Yup… come September… I hope… if all goes well and I can actually get out of my head what I want to put on those blank endless sheets of white paper that stare back at me and mock me… I’ll have a book.

And I’ll be asking you to buy it!!!

In the meantime, my friend Alison DeLory just wrote a children’s book called “Lunar Lifter”. It’s the story of two children who use magic markers to decorate a refrigerator box… and the wild lunar adventure that follows!  For those of you who have ever watched your children turn a box into an amazing toy and their imagination into magic… click on the link to purchase Alison’s book!

My book has nothing to do with space travel… or boxes… or magic markers! But… if all goes well… you’re in for one helluva ride!

Wish me luck!

5 Replies to “It’s about time…”

  1. How exciting! If your book is as fabulous as you it will be a best seller. I'll be interested to her about your experiences in self-publishing, which I've reasearched a bit, too. Thanks for this nod to Lunar Lifter, too!