Happy 2nd Blogiversary!

Two years ago today I came up with the idea of “Curtains are Open” and hit the “Publish” button for the first time.

I never dreamt so many of you would follow me, comment and share my stories with your family and friends and I cannot, for the life of me, explain what it has meant.

Early on my father gave me a bit of advice…”only write what you know.” If I don’t know the topic personally or if it doesn’t have meaning to me…I have no business giving my two cents! Hence, this is not a blog about politics…nor is it a cooking blog…a blog on finances, how to keep a man or anything to do with either geography or math. These, among many other topics, are foreign concepts to me!

I write about what I know…ME…and how I fit into the world around me.

This blog has been therapeutic for me. When I started, I was in a dark and dreary place. Writing…helped guide me out.

You…helped guide me out.

On my 2nd Blogiversary…I thank you!

For being there…for listening…while I’ve poured my heart, made fun of myself, offered advice and told you about things that tickle my funny bone…while I’ve worked through some of my most difficult days…I needed you. Each time I stepped into the courtroom, the day I signed my divorce papers, when The Tall Blond left for university, when I lost my grandmother, broke my hip, returned to school…when the kids crashed the car, Bones fell off her horse and Spiderman had his concussion…I needed you.

For every terrifying moment and every wonderful adventure…I know that no matter what, you were there! Reading, supporting, encouraging, laughing and crying…you were there.

And from the bottom of my heart…I thank you.

Happy Blogiversary to us…and and in case you’d like to shower me with Blogiversary presents…the traditional gift is cotton! I could do with a new housecoat, sheets for my king sized bed, a cozy blanket, some clothes, new towels or any number of wonderful things…I’ll leave it up to you!

2 Replies to “Happy 2nd Blogiversary!”

  1. Happy Blogiversary! Wow my auto correct didn't even try to change that one. I look forward to your post. Glad I can read about what is going on with my favorite person!

    Love you! Please keep writing and I can't wait for the book!

    Lisa M

  2. @LisaM… I'm assuming your "favorite person" is The Tall Blonde and not me!!!! LOL Happy Birthday to your darling girl… see you soon. xo