Out on a limb…

Yesterday morning I awoke from a horrible dream.

For some reason, my friend Crazy had decided to climb the tallest tree possible then walk across the branch like a tight rope walker…all the while, I’m standing with my dog yelling for her to get down.

Of course she fell.

In slow motion.

With my pup running to break her fall.

I lay next to them both…broken and pained…dialling 911 and trying to keep them from moving while oddly enough I was accidentally dialling my old high school number instead of emergency and getting increasingly panicked and frustrated until my eyes finally opened.

And it was Easter morning.

Bones was in my room, excited to check out her basket and search for eggs. We awoke the sleeping giants and I poured a cup of tea while gnawing at me…was a pain over my left eye. I popped a few Advil and made breakfast for the hungry beasts as they happily went about unwrapping foil eggs.

By early afternoon, I was popping more pills and heading to Mom and Dad’s for Easter Dinner and by five thirty last evening…I was done.

The pain behind my eye eased slightly when I applied pressure to my eyeball but got worse when I let go. I lay in my bed, under the covers, with a cold compress on my closed eye and slept for fifteen hours straight…except for waking once…crazy sick.

The Tall Blond and Spiderman both suffer from migraines and both knew what I was in for! I’ve mothered them through theirs many times before but had no idea how it felt until now!

I’m not sure what my three kids did last night…who locked the house up for the night, put the dog out, turned the lights off or ran the dishwasher.

Crazy way to start my morning…and crazy way to end it. Somehow, in between, I managed somewhat of an Easter with my family and as the Tall Blonde has already returned to university the realization hits me that I had my children half the time, spent countless hours in the rink in between homework and housework to finally get them home to celebrate Easter…only to be knocked out with a migraine. I feel somewhat gypped of a family holiday weekend.

Like I climbed a huge tree to get there…and just as I stepped out on the branch…I fell.