Last night a beaver chewed the post on my deck!

As me and the kids leaned over the side… admiring the perfectly formed teeth marks along with the tiny foot prints in the garden beds we’d neatly raked last weekend… the deck began to teeter. I yelled at them to get in the house and just as they made their way through the patio doors… the post cracked.

I’ve been having nightmares again.

Eventually, falling back to sleep… I awoke in fright and absolutely stressed that I couldn’t find my way home. It started on a beautiful beach with dolphins frolicking in the background… tossing my shoes into the air I felt the warmth of the sand between my toes and began to stroll the beach. Next thing, my trusty dog was beside me and I no longer knew where I was. Searching desperately… we trudged through sand dunes and snow drifts… my bare feet absolutely freezing and the dog sniffing everything in site as I ran into person after person… who spoke every language but my own… begging for some sort of help and direction… frantic to find my way home.

I’m busy… again… evident from the lack of posts, unmade beds, hacking cough, empty fridge and takeout garbage. And I ran out of milk again this morning.

I’ll write more posts… I swear! But not until I get my deck fixed… and figure out where I left my damn shoes!