Evolve fitness…

I’m in trouble!

As in… “WHAT THE HECK WAS I THINKING!”… kind of trouble!

A few weeks ago, I was approached by Mitchell Benvie, personal trainer with Evolve Fitness. His idea… kick my ass for the summer while I blog about the experience!


I thought about it… thought it was nuts… thought some more… had a panic attack… phoned The Tall Blonde … thought a bit more… drank a few Corona… and emailed him back.

Here’s the thing. I’m lazy and complacent with zero athletic ability or coordination. I’ve never done a squat, can’t pull off a push up and haven’t run since I was ten! I have joint issues, could lose a solid 50 pounds, hate eating breakfast, enjoy a “cold one” and like to eat!

But the reality is… I’ve needed someone to kick my butt for awhile and I’d already been thinking how awesome it would be to have a personal trainer like Oprah! You know… help me along… show me what to do… tell me when to do it… and actually, MAKE ME DO IT! Mitch’s proposal… while it freaked me out… was perfect!

I’ve been re-writing my life’s story for three years now… avoiding the Chapter on “Weight Loss and Exercise” while enjoying one adventure after the next but the reality is… it’s time! Time for me to rid myself of this excess baggage… time to feel as wonderful on the outside as I now feel on the inside.

So… as soon as school is over on the 25th (give or take the weekend for celebration), I’ll be spending the summer with Mitch at his twin brother Matthew’s gym! I have SOME idea of what I’m in for but I don’t think he has a sweet clue what he signed on for when he happened to pick me!!  
Check out Evolve’s website and follow them on Facebook as Mitch and I BOTH face our biggest challenge!

From what I can tell, we’ll get along fine… just as long as he backs off my Corona!

2 Replies to “Evolve fitness…”

  1. Jealous. So jealous. If you get to take a side kick, even for a day, PICK MEEEEEEEEEE!

    (You have probably already guessed this is Hannah)