Just to be sure…

I swear there’s a “Peeper” in my ear!

He’s keeping me up at night… making peeper noises and annoyingly tickling the insides of my ear while pounding on the drum with its anvil and stirrup!

It’s been another week of it. A cold… turned ear infection… turned ruptured ear drum… turned hacking nasty cough leading me to ANOTHER visit to the doctor on Saturday where he announced I was a “Shit Show”!

Then proceeded to tell me I’d bronchitis again.

Someone put me out to pasture.

It’s the May long weekend and while folks are whooping it up… I’m having a relatively quiet weekend with the kids… trying my hardest not to complain as my head spins and fills with all the things that could possibly be wrong with me besides the fact there’s a Peeper in my ear!

I’m supposed to be drinking beer this long weekend… celebrating the “Queen’s Birthday”… but no… “take it easy”… “put your feet up”… “relax”.

“Relax” isn’t exactly in my vocabulary!

Next week, I’m having a few tests run… pulmonary function… blood work… x-rays… you know, “just to be sure”.

Be sure of what?

What exactly are we looking for that we need to “be sure of” ’cause at this point, I have myself so freaked out I’m feeling every bump and ache in my body and if my heart was on the other side I’d swear I was having a mini heart attack.

I’ll let you know how the tests go… and if anything else falls apart while I’m waiting but in the meantime… can someone tell me exactly where my appendix is?