One of the things about school being over is having time again… to get out there and discover all I’ve been missing!

Did you know there was a BRAND NEW building… “The Trillium”… at the corner of South Park and Breton!

I was there yesterday and while some stores are open, new ones are arriving in the coming weeks. There’ll be a a children’s store, coffee bistro, shoe store and cheesecake shop! As well… rumour has is that Thornblooms will be taking up new space joining P’lovers and my favorite jewellery designer, Glenn Fawcett (who by the way made my engagement ring that I’m selling if you know anyone interested in a half carat diamond).

I had a few moments to explore and while Fawcetts was closed (not that I’m in the market for another ring) I found myself in absolute awe inside the beautiful, new and improved P’lovers.

Formerly in Park Lane Mall, I’ve visited many times through the years and have found some wonderful treasures there but it was NOTHING like this brand new space! Immediately I was thrilled. It was big and bright with amazing high ceilings and light streaming through the large windows facing the street. There was so much to look at that I wasn’t quite sure where to look and the space was so glorious, I wanted to touch and feel everything that was perfectly displayed… but sadly, I was in a hurry and will have to make my return visit soon!

In the meantime… I took a few pics. Drop in to see the excitement and while you’re there… pick yourself up something wonderful!

2 Replies to “P’lovers…”

  1. I'm also looking forward to exploring the new Trillium space, but I have to say I was frustrated to see a bigger P'Lovers already installed there- I know many people love it, but to me, it is one of the most pretentious, annoying shops around… That's just me though!