Workout… Day One…


OK… so First… I brought along The Tall Blonde with thoughts that Mitch, from Evolve Fitness, would be so baffled by her beauty that he’d totally forget I was in the room for my inaugural Personal Training Session!

Isn’t that what happens at gyms?

Yeah… No! My luck… I have the trainer who was intent on placing all of his attention on the more mature (age wise at least) and definitely out-of-shape Mom!


Second… Push Ups???  Granted, they weren’t the lay-on-the-floor kind (which is good ’cause I’d probably have a hard time getting back up) but rather a “bar against the wall” kind that had me at an odd angle pushing the full weight of my body up and down using nothing but my shaky arms which was entirely… not all that easy for me!

And that was just the first exercise!!

My own body weight resisted against myself and all I could think was how suddenly desperate I was to lose weight just so I’d have less to push!

Skinny people have it easy!

Chances are from “push ups” alone, I won’t be bending my drinking arm tonight… I mean next weekend. Seems I made a promise not to consume during the weekdays which really, if Mitch had it his way, I wouldn’t enjoy a Corona any time soon!

Let’s be honest… that’s just not going to happen!

Third… Weights? I’m gonna be so ripped by the end of the summer if this keeps up! There I was in the mirror… doing some sort of fancy schmancy move with my uncoordinated self that had me lifting this 50 pound weight over my head looking like a superstar in the full length mirror when all of a sudden it hits me… is that sweat?


What the heck am I doing sweating?

Alright, whatever… it wasn’t fifty pounds!

And Fourth… Squats. Don’t get me started on squats and besides… they were more like slight knee bends!

All in all… Mitch took it super easy on me but to be 100% honest… it was about all I could do! Well ok… maybe I could do a bit more but it really is going to be baby steps with me. I don’t know how to run… can’t ride a bike… and have never done anything remotely athletic in my life but I’ve made a pretty big goal for this summer.

And I’m pretty sure Mitch will be the one to get me there!

Day One is down… and not nearly as bad as I thought… but I’ll let you know how I feel when I try to move tomorrow!

5 Replies to “Workout… Day One…”

  1. Well done!! I will introduce you to something yummy but entirely low fat for your birthday! guilt free deliciousness!

  2. WooHoo!!! You will get stronger every day. Good for you, be proud.

    p.s. love the photo.

  3. Way to go, girl! I think you're beautiful AND gorgeous no matter what… but this is awesome. Here's to your health (virtual clink with water instead of wine)!

  4. Thanks Everyone!!! I think this is REALLY going to pay off for me in the long run. Once I get past the first week of total discomfort! LOL