Kicking my butt…

Two weeks into my personal training and I had to cancel today’s session… oddly enough… I’m really disappointed!

Who’da thought??

Problem is… a couple of days leaning over a computer and sketch pad have my back incredibly weak and one wrong move could start the spasms… and the next few days would be ruined!

Which leads me to telling you why I love my neighbour.

This morning, on my way running the kids up to school, I told Prada’s husband how my back was bad and he promptly offered medication then proceeded to get on his knees on the aggregate steps wearing gym shorts to show me the “superman” pose. Apparently it’s supposed to help stretch out a bad back but he made me laugh… which hurt my back…  little help he was! But… he kind of did resemble superman… albeit holding a compost bin.

Anyway… back to the gym… or in my case, not back to the gym.


Mitch is being super patient with me except for the other day when I told him he was mean and he told me to “deal with it!” Then the next day I told him I didn’t like an exercise and he told me he didn’t care.

Other than that… he’s pretty nice.

I’m doing some kind of curl things and hammer things and press something or other thingamadojiggies mixed in with squats and crunches and push ups. Honestly… I don’t know the names of all of the weight exercises so each and every time he tells me what to do he has to show me! I also forget to count but there’s no point in asking him what the number is… he lies!

The other day… he was showing me this shoulder thing and I knew he’d had a really REALLY bad sunburn on his shoulders from the day before so it hurt when he lifted the weights… so I told him I didn’t understand and had him show me again!  HA!  Take that big guy!!!

I’m gonna pay for that….

Anyway… seriously… I’m really quite enjoying the workouts and am following the diet and know that by the end of the summer I’ll see some pretty good results!

One hour of dedicated time with a personal trainer seems to be the only way I can get my butt to a gym without looking for excuses not to go! (Unless you count today’s “back thing” which really isn’t an excuse.)

Send Mitch an email ( if you’d like to book a session and check the place out. Oh… and if you really want to kick it up a notch… Mitch and Matt (twin brothers who are really down to earth, totally not “meat heads” and damn easy on the eyes) run a boot camp. Apparently it’s a great way to burn calories and can be quite fun… which I get because they’re fun guys to be around even when they make you do stuff you really don’t want to do. It’s a hundred and twenty bucks for a month of unlimited kicking your butt on the Garrison Grounds. Click on the link for more details and a schedule… and if there’s something you don’t want to do… just tell Mitch… and he won’t care.  He’s like that!

PS… that’s not really Mitch and I lifting weights in the photo. I told you already… he has a sunburn!