Better than a coonhound…

The other morning I walked in from driving The Tall Blonde to work, and not only was my dog in my spot on the couch… but she was drinking my tea!

The fact that she didn’t hear the car in the driveway… or key in the door… has me thinking she REALLY likes tea. Not that her pinky sticking out wasn’t a dead giveaway!

A few days before when I arrived home… she ran across the hallway, plopped into her bed and IMMEDIATELY began to snore. I think she was actually FAKE SLEEPING so I didn’t catch her in my spot. Ummmmm…. I saw you run across the hall dummy!

She’s just about the funniest dog you’ll ever meet and I swear she talks! Ok… truth be told… I actually talk for her so she’s probably not as funny as I make her sound but the look on her face when stuff is happening around here makes you believe she knows what’s going on.

And is totally appalled by each and every one of us!

She waits to be invited on the couch… unless of course I’m not here.  She knows the difference between the front door and back… but chooses to go out one and come back in the other. She has a million toys… bringing a different one to each person who enters. She loves my mother more than humanly possible… which is pretty amazing since she’s a dog.

If you ask her if she wants to go to France… she runs to the garage (that’s Spiderman’s fault). If you tell her you have a secret… she jumps up to listen to what you have to say (that’s The Tall Blonde’s fault). If you lay your legs across the coffee table and place a treat on the other side… she jumps over them like a horse (that’s Bones’ fault). And if you ask for a kiss… she’ll happily oblige.  Oh… that’s my fault!

Seriously… she’s awesome! But possibly not as awesome as Maddie the Coonhound… a dog who stands on everything and anything imaginable while his owner, Theron Humphrey, photographs him! (And quite possibly puts him into place… and potentially speaks for him too!)

Spend some time checking out Maddie but the the real test is… can he give this look?

Or this?

Or this??

Or this???

Probably not…

One Reply to “Better than a coonhound…”

  1. Colleen, You have to read the children's book Stanley's Party by Linda Bailey. I think it's about your dog…especially if you see other dogs hanging around your house once in a while…