There’s a kid I’m proud of… and it’s not my own.

Well… I’m proud of them too… it kind of goes without saying.

Their report cards were amazing with Spiderman getting his first ever “A” in Math and Bones finding her way in the world this year. As The Tall Blonde heads to France and “the littles” to Junior High… I’m in a position of having no one left in the “elementary years.”

And I’m a wee bit sentimental.

But the thing is… while I could go on forever about my children and how awesome they are… there’s someone else who’s the “icing on the cake” and my heart is filled with absolute pride for everything she’s accomplished.

You see… my brother has a daughter. Dated her mom for awhile when “Mo” was just four years old….  this amazing young woman has been in my life for fourteen years.

She’s not had it easy. By any means. And while I could tell you her story… it’s not mine to tell. Suffice it to say… she made it! Walked across the stage yesterday to accept her High School Diploma… then walked across it again to accept an award for “Photography”… her absolute passion.

It amazes me that this inspiring young woman, actually pulled it off in the same amount of time as her more privileged peers. With a smile on her face and pure joy in her heart.

To me… she’s raised the bar. For every kid who has it tough… she’s proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can overcome! She’s kind, generous, loving and giving. She’s made the right decisions  with the support and undying love and commitment from my little brother.

Yesterday, my kids wrapped their arms around their beautiful cousin and told her how absolutely proud they were. She’s taught them lessons of perseverance and gratitude I could never teach… without even knowing she’s done it.

I am… without a doubt… the proudest Aunt you could possibly imagine. To the most amazing young woman who in my opinion… could change the world… make it a better place!

For our family… she already has.

5 Replies to “Mo…”

  1. Congratulations, "Mo"! Well done to you and your Dad. Wishing you a bright and happy future. AL

  2. And my comment was……..Beautiful Monica! Lovely blog too, Colleen! How lucky we are to have Monica in our family!

  3. Stop making me cry with your recent posts! Way to go, Monika! Your prom photos are gorgeous!!!