Phones for kids…

Spiderman’s phone died.  Twice now… fixed once… but now we have to go through the “warranty” program to get a new one.
The fact that it won’t turn on may have something to do with me finding it in a bag full of rice last month… seems he dropped it in the dog’s water bowl.
Which come to think of it… he may have meant the toilet.
Last year around this time, I wrote about how happy he was to get a new cellphone in the post “Why I’m wonderful…“.
Now however, I’m not so wonderful.
Apparently I’ve locked him into a three year contract with a “crap phone” he can’t even send pictures on. I’ve explained the reasons for not having a smart phone and the costs associated with data plans… but he fought back with “I can connect wirelessly and it won’t cost anything” and quite frankly, the argument was valid.
Still… sometime next week he’ll be getting a replacement of his “even Grandma has a nicer cell than me” phone.
I could complain about his need for a smart phone and his want of a Blackberry “just like all his other friends” but then I saw THIS HILARIOUS Kijiji ad… from a Mom looking for a secondhand Blackberry for her thirteen year old… and it’s funnier than anything I could write! Check it out… and enjoy the laughs!
In the meantime… my mother’s phone is nicer than mine… and I’m pretty sure I’m due an upgrade!

One Reply to “Phones for kids…”

  1. When you get out of the contract, you should find a way to NEVER GET IN A CONTRACT AGAIN! Seriously, I hate cell phone contracts. It is highway robbery.

    Currently I am using an iPhone for about $10 a month. I got it used and unlocked from kijiji and have done some finagling with it to make it use a data only plan. So, with data I can do *almost* everything but text and make calls. That seems like a big deal, but with apps like WhatsApp allowing you to text to other smart phones using data only and VOIP allowing you to make phone calls using the internet, it is a pretty good deal for ~$10 a month.

    Hope your son like his replacement phone! 🙂