I lost ten pounds!!!

I’ve been at this gym thing for a month and so far so good… in fact, I’m down 10 pounds on the scales but I’ve surely gained 20 in muscle!

OK… whatever…. I’ve lost more like 9lbs something or other ounces but I rounded it up. To be honest, I tell everyone The Tall Blonde was ten pounds at birth but in reality she was 9 pounds 13 ounces! From the amount of work it took… I deserved to round it up and the same goes for this month.
So I lost 10 pounds.
Argument won.
Oh… the 20 pounds of muscle? Well… who really knows how much I gained as they don’t have that fancy schmancy scale that tells you all the stuff you don’t want to know like how much blood is flowing through your veins and how much water you’re retaining.  (Oh yeah… I think I’m retaining water.)
Seriously, I feel stuff that wasn’t there before and I’m pretty sure it’s muscle. Back of my arms… back of my legs… sides of my muffin top. I’m not kidding… things are getting toned and realigned and while it’s only a ten pound loss on the scale (I’ve seen Biggest Loser… I was hoping for more), I’m kind of amazed at how my body is shifting, how my clothes are fitting and how amazing I feel!
And the best part of all… I actually like it!

So… a month at Evolve Fitness with my awesome trainer Mitch and I’m definitely seeing things changing. I’m following my diet and feeling pretty good. It’s hard work…  and I really want pie… but I’m seeing results I’ve never seen before and finally sticking to a program with the help of a trainer and it’s worth it!
I’m worth it!!!
A number of readers have joined in my journey and all say the same… Mitch figures out your ability pretty quick… and pushes just a little beyond! So… if you’re thinking about it… feeling like you should but aren’t quite sure… have yourself convinced that you couldn’t pull it off or don’t have time… take it from me… it’s AWESOME! Go for it! Give Evolve a call and drop in for a free consultation… you’ve got nothing to lose… except what I lost!
And I lost ten pounds!