Makin’ me sweat…

I’ve been teasing the boys at Evolve Fitness that their “tag line” should be “So Hot They’ll Make You Sweat!”

They’re not going for it but in my opinion… they’re missing out on the entire “cougar market” who want to get in shape… just like me!

Three times a week the not-so-hard-on-the-eyes Mitch, sits on a Stability ball and plays his favoured country music while telling me what to do. If I complain… I get an “Awwww Muffin” in the most insincere voice you could possibly imagine making me completely disregard the “Good Morning Sunshine” greeting he threw my way when I walked through the door!

I swear… some days I’m laying on the mat panting and exhausted thinking… “it’s a damn good thing you’re good looking or I’d’ve quit this place long ago” but the reality of that fleeting thought is… I wouldn’t. Simply because, for the first time ever, I’m finally doing it. Good looks and hilarious conversation aside, I’m enjoying going to the gym and being told what to do by someone who’s not taking my “I don’t think I can do that” attitude because as it turns out… I can.

Slowly but surely… starting from scratch, two decades of pounds to lose without ever having exercised seriously or lifted a weight in my life… I’m doing it. I’m being encouraged and motivated to work harder and in the process, I’m getting stronger than I’ve ever been. I’m finally beginning to look on the outside… the way I feel on the inside.

If you’re thinking about it… been tossing it around in your mind just waiting for the right moment to start… been reading my “Dear Personal Trainer” posts on the Facebook site or following my progress wondering if you should give it a go then… GO FOR IT! What are you waiting for?

Honestly… if I can do it with the various challenges I’ve faced… from being overweight to having joint problems to not wanting anyone to see me in workout clothes or for that matter to even drag myself off the couch… then anyone can do it! Mitch and Matt (twins to boot) figure out what you’re able to accomplish in their private gym… then push you from there. Each workout is tailored to the individual keeping in mind their specific needs. Book an appointment, drop in for a chat and see how the boys at Evolve can improve your life… the same way they’ve improved mine.

I can’t thank these guys enough for what they’re doing for me! I look forward to going to the gym three times a week… feeling stronger, losing weight and getting in shape… being pushed beyond what I think I’m capable of… standing on the scales to see the number drop… laughing at myself in the mirror and not taking myself so seriously! They make it easy with their encouraging words and fabulous personalities and on top of that… they’re so hot… they’re bound to make you sweat!