Pushing my blog…

Having a blog… it’s interesting to watch the stats… see where people are visiting from and how long they stay.  How they search.

(You wouldn’t believe the people who find me by searching “sex while the curtains are open!”)
Some folks arrive… read for a bit… and never return.
Others, read page after page… hanging out for a few hours to catch up on my entire life! Or at least the stuff I tell!
And still… some wait for me to make a posting on Facebook or Twitter… to remind them that I’ve written something new.
However you get here, thank you. For keeping me writing… and my advertisers happy! Thanks for the comments and emails… the encouragement and support.
You mean the world to me!
(OK… enough with the gushing… I need new fans! Click on the underlined “Facebook” and “Twitter” links above and follow me… sheesh. Oh… and follow my advertisers too… it  makes me look good! Hey… and leave a comment from time to time so I know you like me! And while you’re at it… tell your friends… share the Facebook posts and re-tweet the tweets! Seriously people!!)