Loose hips sink ships…

I don’t quite remember how long I spent in a wheelchair but I do remember my friends using it to race down hills… skipping the lineups to get into bars… how awkward it was to get around… and how multiple taxis wouldn’t drive me home!

Eventually… the chair was cast aside for a walker, crutches, then cane… until I reached the point that I could fully walk again. It took several months and remains one of the greatest challenges I’ve ever faced.

Two hips… reconstructed at nineteen for an issue I had with my ligaments, tendons and muscles… explained here, complained about here, again in this post… and this one when I fell.

For the most part, they work pretty well except every now and then I’m done… and the discomfort is more than unbearable.

This week, at first, I thought it was muscle aches from a couple of power-walks, leg lifts and squats… but no… it’s the humidity and much as I’ve tried to deny it… it’s knocking me down.

I’m waddling like a duck and hearing my father’s “hip hip hooray” in my head every time I stand and declare that “my hips hurt!” I’m popping Advil like candy to try to get a comfortable night’s sleep… and today… I switched to the harder stuff. I’ve finally faced the fact that it’s not just a bit of muscle discomfort but an all out assault on my damn hip joints.

So there you have it. I’m cranky… I’m tired… I’m sore… and I’m not thinking clear. I had to cancel my workout today and if it’s alright with you… even though I’ve done it several times already… I’m using this blog to complain.

And thank the heavens that they were able to fix the problem… that I didn’t spend long in a wheelchair… and it only hurts but a few times a year!