Go Canada Go…

Am I the only one not watching the Olympics? Like… none of them? Not one single event from start to finish with any expectation of who’s going to stand on the podium?


I admit, the TV has been on while I’ve been doing other things and I’ve glanced at the screen… even stopping to enjoy the odd event… but I’m not entirely sure if I’m watching something live or something that happened hours or days before and there’s nothing more awkward than cheering on an athlete then discovering they’d won the event two days before!

For some reason… I’m just not that interested!

I’m following on Twitter but has social media made me so complacent for getting my news that hearing the end result is enough for me?

What’s wrong with me? Am I just a winter sport fan? Does discus bore me that much? Is the controversy more exciting than the sport? Is the Olympic mascot so odd looking that it’s one lone eyeball is freaking me out?

Numerous people are glued to their sets during the past few days and in past years… I’ve been as well… but this time… I’m just not that into it!

However, should the powers that be deem it television worthy to show the Paralympics… I’ll be glued to sailing to watch Halifax’s, Paul Tingley, compete for another gold medal… but that’s just because I know him and to be honest… were he not in the games, I wouldn’t give them the time of day either!

And there’s a part of me… that’s feeling unpatriotic… and guilty as hell.

Go Canada Go! And for the record… I’m really sorry!